Need a new scent for Spring? Couturing men’s writer Ash road tests two new men’s fragrances Dunhill Desire Black and Mercedes-Benz Club.


Dunhill Desire Black: Tall, Dark, and Definitely Handsome


First impressions of Desire Black by Dunhill are informed by a distinctly masculine bottle which resonates with Dunhill’s exalted standing in the history of the modern gentleman.  Dunhill’s reputation has been built on exceptional quality in men’s accessories, and (historically) fine tobacco.

This is a bold fragrance which opens with spicy top notes of pepper and citrus, somewhere between bergamot and grapefruit.  The scent mellows through middle notes of saffron and vaguely floral notes of rose, which transitions beautifully into the longer earthy base notes of amber and vetiver.

Desire Black invokes images of sensuality and charismatic self-assurance that are hallmarks of the Dunhill gentleman.

Dunhill – Desire Black  rrp 100mL $59,  50mL $45 


Mercedes-Club, streamlined, powerful and seductive

mercedes benz club

Mercedes-Benz Club’s latest fragrance continues the motifs of the iconic German Marque; streamlined, powerful, and seductive.  The top notes are a vigorous burst of citrus. Lemon zest and orange dominate over more subtle woody aromas which develop over time.  The initial surge of citrus is enlivening and feels sporty and clean.  There is a slight hint of rhubarb as the more earthy notes begin to prevail, and the lasting base notes of cardamom are wonderfully balanced by the acidity of lingering orange.  This fragrance is perfectly suited to spring and the enduring impression is one of youthful modernity.

Mercedes-Benz Club rrp 100ml $69, 50ml $49


Stockist details: Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist, My Beauty Spot


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