There is a lot to learn about Sparkling wine. More than I had anticipated after spending a lovely Spring morning learning from the best at the Brown Brothers Sparkling Masterclass held at Fatto Bar and Cantina.


Fatto Bar and Cantina, a fabulous bar and restaurant located riverside at Hamer Hall  and was a perfect venue for the occasion. On arrival we enjoyed a Brown Brothers Prosecco Cocktail mixed by Fatto’s before we sat down in our seats, ready to learn.

During the masterclass we tried all types of sparkling wine and Prosecco made by Brown Brothers from their Bankstown, King Valley vineyard. We learnt about the manufacturing and the different flavours in the sparkling and what grapes made which wines. We also got to sample gorgeous taster plates of food provided by Fatto to compliment each range of sparkling we were trying.

Beginning at the start with the house blend Brown Brothers Prosecco we experienced the range through to your mid-range Sparkling wine like Chandon and the upper end Veuve Clicquot Champagne. My favourite of the day was the Brown Brothers Limited Release Prosecco 2013 Vintage and the Brown Brothers Patricia Pinot Noir Chardonnay Brut 2008 which is only produced when the highest quality and abundance of grapes are available.


Every glass we sampled was unique in its own way, incredibly delicious and easy to drink. We learnt about the manufacturing process and how to get that soft bubble that doesn’t surge down your through like a poorly made counterpart. What was fantastic to see was that the range was delicious at any price point. So no matter what your budget, it can be sure you will be enjoying the highest quality and enjoyable sparkling.

It’s surprising how a little bit of knowledge is enough to spark and interest in something that had always seemed foreign and I love that I can go into a bottle shop and find a bottle of sparkling that I know I will love, for any price range. What the masterclass gave me was enough knowledge to feel as though I have a good understanding of the Brown Brothers Sparkling range, and sparkling in general, without too much detail as to confuse or make you feel overwhelmed. Now, thanks to the masterclass, I not only will pick a great bottle every time, I’ll be able to seem really knowledgeable, cool and sophisticated in front of my friends.

Most of the sparkling varieties can be found at leading wine retailers or via the Brown Brothers website at

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