Collaborating with names such as Inez van Lamsweerde, Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino and Karl Lagerfeld and travelling the world to do campaigns for magazines and brands such as Fendi and Chanel, Ellis Faas has established an incredible portfolio and possesses a wealth of creative knowledge in the world of makeup. Launching her make up line in 2009, Faas has devised a new generation of make up, encompassing precise and portable packaging, a flattering and innovative palette and reputable ethics. Today Faas splits her time between her native Netherlands, NYC, Milan and Paris, juggling work and motherhood. Last month, Couturing featured a profile on the Brand [click here to read more]

We spoke with Ellis about her inspirations, her career and makeup tips and tricks.


Was developing a make-up line always the plan, or was it something you became passionate about after working creatively?

I wanted to be a photographer and was educated that way, but my interest shifted to make up very early on. The plan of creating a make up line started when I got into contact with the whole process being a designer for Biotherm make up. when the contract stopped I was free to start my own.


You have had an incredible career, working with some big names (Patrick Demarchelier, Jean Paul Gaultier, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, just to name a few), travelling all over the world, and developing your own make up line. What has been the highlight of your career so far?


There are many fun things to reflect upon. I have met many wonderful people, seen wonderful places, seen beautiful things. But my highlight should always be in the present. I just finished my first beauty series as a photographer and make up artist for Vogue NL. The artistic freedom is wonderful, and I want more!

A look Faas created for a Moschino campaign


Your make-up line, launched in 2009, has been a great success. Why did you decide to launch a make-up line? What did you want your point of difference to be?

I have always been passionate about mixing colours and I felt there was room for a brand with a good colour story. I wanted to create classic colours, rather than follow trends and market the latest shimmer.

Also the portability was a very important reason to start the line. As a make up artist I am very organised. I can find everything blindly. As a woman though, my make up bag was a mess. This irritated me every morning and I felt the need to solve this. If it irritated me, I was sure there were many other women who had the same irritation. So ease of use, portability and classic colours were all reasons to create this line.

What has been the inspiration behind your range?

The human body in terms of colours and the military in terms of portability. It fascinates me how the military find solutions to carry so many things with them.

Early days: Faas did Angela Lindvail’s make up for the cover of Vogue Paris, 2001

What is your must have make-up product?

At my age; concealer.

What are your favourite items from the range?

As a make up artist I feel the foundations and the concealers are a must have.

As a women doing her own make up every morning I cannot do without the creamy eyes; the easiest, quickest smoky eye that lasts until you take it off.


Your make-up line offers a unique colour palette, utilising colours from the human body. What is the significance of this colour palette? 


The colours that exist in the human body are the colours that complement the skin best.

The colour of blood, a bruise, a freckle, a tongue. In special effect make up everybody sees that a black eye is fake if you use the wrong colours. The same goes for beautifying make up.

I created these colours to give people a range that is easy to wear.

The ‘Ellis’ Holder


Your line is cruelty free; none of your products or ingredients are tested on animals. How important is it to you that your brand is ethical?

Even though we have a strong image and a military inspiration for the design, I am a pacifist, a vegetarian, a softy really….

I could not stand the idea of something living having to suffer for my fun.

What is next for the brand?

More innovative products, more ways to try and tell our story to the world!

For more information on the Ellis Faas range and to purchase, visit or your nearest Mecca Cosmetica or Mecca Maxima store.

All images courtesy of Ellis Faas Cosmetics and Fashion Industry Archives

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