Get excited because cult skincare brand, CeraVe has arrived on our shores. The brand has been the talk of internet beauty forums for a while with users espousing the benefits of the specially formulated skincare range and now it has hit the shelves of your local Chemist Warehouse.

Founded in 2005, CeraVe has emerged as the #1 dermatologist recommended moisturising brand for dry skin in the United States gaining steadfast popularity amongst trusted dermatologists and consumers alike. The brand was developed with dermatologists after experts noticed that many skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema and acne all had one thing in common – a deficiency in skin ceramides and in turn, a compromised skin barrier.

What makes CeraVe different from other skincare? Leading Dermatologist, Dr. Eleni Yiasmedes explains that CeraVe contains the formulation of three essential, skin-identical ceramides “these are a form of lipid (fats) that are found naturally in your skin and help to create a barrier in the skin to keep it hydrated, they’re really important to keep your skin healthy and hydrated”.

CeraVe is specifically formulated to contain a complex mixture of 3 naturally-derived, essential ceramides that the skin needs, delivered through CeraVe’s advanced, slow-release, 24-hour MultiVesicular Emulsion delivery technology. helping to actively restore the natural skin barrier. The acclaimed range of hydrating skincare products is highly efficacious and non-irritating due to the fragrance free, paraben free, and non-greasy formulations.

For those suffering eczema Dr Yiasmedes says CeraVe can help to relieve the itchiness and dry skin by improving and helping the skin to attract, hold and distribute moisture. She explains that eczema is more than just a skin condition, the extent to which sufferers have to endure the psychology of eczema can take a toll on the patient and their support network. So anything that can help to make the condition better or more bearable can have a sizeable impact on eczema sufferers.

E! Host Ksenija Lukich at the launch of CeraVe in Australia talking about her experience with eczema

Further, Dr Yiasmedes said that CeraVe’s special formulation that is fragrance free and paraben free is also perfect for those with sensitive skin looking for alternatives to help keep their skin hydrated and well maintained. This unique combination of ceramides in the formulations help to replenish the skin’s existing ceramides, relieve dryness, and restore the skin barrier to promote hydrated, healthy, beautiful skin.

In using the products, she highlighted not only the efficacy of the CeraVe range but also the affordability of the range. ‘You don’t always equate the price of product to it’s usefulness. Often I have patients who have cabinets full of expensive creams but they are not doing anything to address their skin concerns or alleviate any skin problems. You don’t have to spend a lot to get good skincare that works for your skin’


For CeraVe, less is more; as the entire product range is fragrance free, paraben free, allergy-tested and non-comedogenic, it is suitable for all skin types and won’t block your pores. In addition to the 3 essential ceramides, CeraVe products may also contain Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin (to hold and attract water in the outer layer of the skin, Cholestrol (to actively restore the skin barrier and prevent water loss) and Niacinamide Vitamin B3 (to soothe skin and promote ceramide production)


The CeraVe range is now available at Chemist Warehouse. To find your nearest location visit


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