The phrases ‘too big’, ‘too small’ and ‘wrong colour’ are replaced with ‘just right’ as Melbourne- based Crafter Interiors introduces a unique service allowing you to tweak or even redesign furniture to your individual needs.

Working with the best local designers and manufacturers, Crafter Interiors works with you to create furniture of any width, height and depth – even personalising the configuration, fabric or timber, shape and feel.

Crafter Interiors founder, Adrian Galiazzo, has more than 20 years’ experience in home furniture, and was inspired to open the business after seeing first-hand some of the challenges in providing a unique look when he was working at the time with a national retailer on a photo shoot. He even excels at office furniture and one can buy furniture for offices from his store without any apprehensions. We sat down with Adrian to get to know Crafter Interiors and what makes it a special place to dress the inside your house!



Tell us a bit about the inspiration and mission for Crafter Interiors? 

My family has a long history with the furniture industry. My father was a furniture manufacturer and importer, and this naturally fostered my interest for furniture development from a young age. Having now been involved in the industry for over 20 years, I’ve seen first-hand some of the challenges and barriers that arise when working with a national retailer. I wanted to create a business that embodies flexibility and the freedom to produce unique pieces without limits, and with endless possibilities.

Crafter is passionate about producing locally-made, custom furniture that is as unique as its owners.

Each Crafter piece embodies the ‘honesty’ in which it was produced, without hype or pretence, but rather beautiful works that are designed to suit the spaces in your home. You’ll find a no fuss approach to our service – we pride ourselves on simply creating honest furniture from ethically and sustainably sourced materials.


What is the process involved to produce the perfect piece for your home?


The process begins with consultation – we need to consider the purpose of the piece, evaluate the functionality expected from the piece, the space it needs to fit into, and even the lighting surrounding it to ensure the finishes deliver the anticipate result. From there we work with our clients and build a piece from the ground up, consulting our clients every step of the way to bring to life what they envision – it’s true customization.

Once we have a concept in mind, I’m able to work with local designers and manufactures who are best suited to the project. I really enjoy the process that goes into creating a custom product – from sourcing the best suppliers for the job and working with talented, local craftsman to evolve ideas and concepts.


A lot of people might be hesitant to consider bespoke furniture – why would they choose Crafter Interiors? 


Mass manufactured ‘fast furniture’ poses many of the problems that ‘fast fashion’ does – the human and environmental impact can weigh in at a hefty cost. In addition, it’s not unique, not always functional, and somewhere down the track the integrity has been compromised through mass production and cost saving measures.


There’s a misconception that Australian-made products are far more expensive than imports. It all depends on what you’re after and factors such as finishing materials, design and size. We’re conscious of the impact fast furniture has on the industry, therefore we are adamant about utilising ethical manufacturing measures, local craftsman and sustainably sourced materials.


Our furniture is built to be used, the ability to tailor pieces to your requirements means there are no excuses to have to churn through multiple furnishings in the hope it is ‘the right one’, rather you can get it right the first time around, without compromise.


We love that Crafter Interiors is all about creating the perfect sized and specified pieces for your home, especially as more of us are moving into smaller, more compact inner city living! Do you have any top tips for decorating a small space? Are there ways to incorporate space saving ideas when designing your piece at Crafter Interiors?


A lot of our customers are apartment dwellers and interestingly one of the reasons they come to us in the first place is because we can manufacture the furniture in a way that they can be sure to get it up the stairs or in the elevator without having to hire extra labor and equipment to get it through the door.


If they are downsizing they might find their existing furniture is too big, and this just makes the space appear smaller than it needs to. In order to make the most of the space you have the measurements are really important.


People are loving the fact we can tailor storage solutions specifically to what they need to store which means they are truly organizing their home, not just shoving as much into a cupboard as possible.


Storage is now available in spaces you would never have imagined. We have an Ottoman Bed that people just love. There’s no need for a sofa bed for the odd occasion someone might stay the night, yet the ottoman remains useful throughout the year and is really comfortable on the nights it needs to be pulled out into a bed.


In addition we can add storage to any of your furniture requirements. Want a drawer under your table? No problem. A little book case attached to the arm of your couch? We can do that too.


This might be a hard question, but do you have a favourite piece that you’ve made? If so, what are they? 


Don’t groan but every piece is perfect in my mind because it’s created specifically for a particular space and made in a perfect size, from the best materials. Most furniture will look good somewhere, but you don’t buy the furniture then try to buy the space to put it in. That’s where our offering is really unique.


Crafter Interiors, 515 Bridge Road Richmond VIC 3121

PH: 03 94298686


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