Australia has welcomed Zara Home to its shores, with the first store now open at Highpoint Shopping Centre. Situated around the corner from Highpoint’s existing Zara apparel store, the spacious Zara Home is packed to the brim with fashionable interior decorations.


Zara Home contains items for every corner of the house; whether you are looking to revamp your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, this store has everything you could possibly need. Upon entry, you are met with an explosion of colours and textures, and every individual’s taste is accounted for.

Like their apparel stores, Zara Home seeks to showcase the latest fashion and decor trends for each season. Launching this season is the nautical ‘Mare Nostrum’ collection and the ‘Garden of Eden’ collection, graced with soft floral patterns. With new styles arriving every single week, you can be sure to find something you love with each visit.


Zara Home is cleverly laid out to make navigating the huge array of products ridiculously easy. The store is divided into different sections, each with different styles and colours. Those with an affinity for Tuscan greens and oranges can find sunflowers in gold vases in different shapes and sizes, and those who prefer classic beige tones can partner luxurious throw blankets with dainty glass boxes. The whole family can live in style, with a pastel-coloured corner of the store dedicated to children’s pyjamas and room decor. The product range is so expansive that it even includes items such as curtains, drawer handles and small furniture items. Zara has already done the hard work for you: you simply pick up all the items you need from one section, and your home space is sure to be perfectly and cohesively styled.


Not only sure to satisfy your own decorating whims, Zara Home also a great place to find great-looking gifts for your loved ones. Sydneysiders need not worry about missing out, with a flagship store set to open within the coming months.

Zara Home is located on Level 3 of Highpoint Shopping Centre. For more information and to view the current product range, visit the Zara Home Australia website. 

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