Welcome to Day 3 of my week long series of how to camp like a boss from my trip to The Grampians by The Unimpossibles. Today, I take a look at breakfast!

When camping, you have an opportunity to step back and take a break from everything, and reset your body before heading back into the concrete jungle.

Breakfast sets you up for the day and is a time where you can really add a lot of good things to your body. Back when I was younger, we used to go camping a lot, however, the breakfast spread on offer was not optimal from a nutritional stand point. Processed cereals are a go to for many people while camping due to their obvious benefits such as being easy to prepare, easy to store and they are extremely hard to ruin due to their lack of cooking.

Chai Boy x Nutrition Darling - Whole food Chai PorridgeFor me, because I am a wee bit of a foodie, it was important for me to have nice things to eat while away from home. Additionally, I want my camp food to be both yummy AND good for me – I wanted to come away from camp life refreshed inside and out.

Although it is nice to make things from scratch, there are a lot of fabulous people out there doing fabulous things to provide busy people with clean eating whole food solutions. Today I combine two of my favourite brands to make one powerful super food breakfast – Chai Boy and Nutrition Darling. I decided these two needed to be best friends on my camp trip, and boy I wasn’t wrong!

chai boy chai and be amazing glamping the grampians couturing the unimpossiblesYou may have heard of Chai Boy, he is rapidly disrupting chai land in cafes around Melbourne starting with his hub, the megaly successful Touchwood cafe in Richmond. He hand blends his award winning chai mix in the TW back of house, which is then served in store and available in prettily designed take away bags. With cute tag lines such as “don’t chai too hard” and “chai and be amazing” you are bound to fall in love with with the brown foiled bag just as much as you will the chai itself. So whats special about it? Cinnamon, cacao, orange rind, cardamom, cloves, bay leaves, fresh ginger, stringy bark honey, star anise, organic black tea and black pepper. Duh.

chai boy chai and be amazing glamping the grampians couturing the unimpossibles original blends

Nutrition Darling is kind of the secret sauce to the bustling Melbourne raw treat scene. You have probably seen her perfectly crafted slices throughout top Melbourne food spots such as Feast of Merit, Little Big Sugar Salt and Spring Street Grocer. Not many know, but she also has take home cereals and about to release her magical smoothie balls. Ohh. La. La. As the Nutrition Darling’s “3 Little Birds” is oat based, it makes the perfect porridge. Containing organic oats, raw white mulberries, black sesame seeds and Australian native myrtle leaf you will be set for your big adventures.

Chai Boy x Nutrition Darling - Whole food Chai Porridge chia seeds
Chai Boy x Nutrition Darling – Whole food Chai Porridge
Vegan, gluten free, Paleo, dairy free

Serves 1
2 tablespoons Chai Boy (Caramelised ginger and spiced cacao orange mix RRP $16, available to purchase at Touchwood, Richmond)
1/3 cup water
3/4 cup almond milk
1/2 cup Nutrition Darling 3 Little Birds Porridge
Maple syrup to taste (optional)

To serve:
Nuts and seeds
Fruit e.g bananas


  1. First make the chai – in a cup, steep chai mix in hot water for 1 minute.
  2. Add the milk, stir well.
  3. In a pot, strain the chai and the 3 Birds Porridge and heat over a gas stove.
  4. Stir 2-4 minutes or until everything thickens.
  5. Add maple syrup if using.
  6. Serve topped with cinnamon, seeds and fruit.

Chai Boy x Nutrition Darling - Whole food Chai Porridge chia seeds Homecamp

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