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Founded in 1849 and still going strong, family owned business La Maison Cointreau is back on the scene with Cointreau Noir, a new variant of Cointreau – the iconic square-bottled orange liqueur.

With over 200 media and VIP guests in attendance, the launch was held at Captain Melville which was transformed into a Parisian boudoir, the ambience fitting perfectly with the elegant and classy feel of the famous European drink.


‘We have spent the last few years endeavouring to hone the final product and reach the perfection we set out to achieve,’ said Master Distiller Bernadette Langlais.

And perfection is what we certainly got. What sets this drink apart from the other variants in the Cointreau range is the unique fusion of orange liqueur and champagne cognac.

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Upon tasting it, the intricate combination of these two ingredients create the perfect balance of bitter orange peels and Remy Martin cognac, with the implicit addition of nuts and almonds giving it that crisp taste and sweet aroma.

With a touch of vanilla and honey, the Cointreau Noir makes for a sophisticated smooth drink and will appeal to the tastes of dark spirit connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Created over 160 years ago in Angers, in the heartland of the Loire Valley, Cointreau prides itself in using only natural ingredients that are then blended through traditional distilling methods to produce luxurious liqueurs. This latest addition to the Cointreau family is definitely not one to be missed, and it won’t be long before its unique taste will bring this prestigious family brand back at the forefront for fine liqueur creations.

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