Melbourne welcomes Australia’s first ‘blend-your-own’ concept tea store, Royal Elixir.

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Backed by Sri Lankan’s third-largest specialty tea exporter, Imperial Teas Group, the bright, spacious store allows you to create a customised tea blend according to your individual tastes and preferences.

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Herbs and spices of your choice can be added to any of the 10 core teas, balanced to perfection by Royal Elixir’s trained Tea Blenders. The store’s Tea Blenders possess years of experience and know tea like nobody else, so if you’re a little lost amongst the huge range of options, they can choose and recommend flavour combinations for you.

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Royal Elixir additionally offers a pre-packaged selection of their most popular flavours – perfect for gifting to your loved ones – and their teas can also be enjoyed in-store, making the space is the perfect place to meet up for an afternoon cuppa.


185 High Street

Prahran VIC 3181

PH: (03) 9989 6222

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