Every now and then, as women, we discover a product or brand that gets us excited. Recently I came across beauty brand Nvey Eco, an Australian-made, certified organic, natural makeup and skincare brand and I felt those giddy butterflies you get when you have just stumbled upon a designer sample sale. If you haven’t discovered the brand already, I suggest you do. Now, that information alone should have you hitting up the website as quickly as you can unzip your neon pink Marc Jacobs Ipad Case. However, if you need a little convincing, let me tell you more.


Nvey Eco Makeup was launched in 2011 and has recently launched a Skin Care range which will be available early 2013. All products are NSA and NATRUE certified organic and unlike most other mineral makeup brands, Nvey Eco products must meet the high standards set by these regulatory bodies to remain certified, providing the best quality product to the consumer using the best quality sustainable raw materials available.


“More than just a fashionable word, organics is a lifestyle” – Nvey Eco. So why wouldn’t it include your makeup and skin care? If you care what type of foods you eat, or products you use in your household, surely you should be concerned what you are putting on your most precious asset, your skin. Nvey Eco provides high quality product that is both “loving and nurturing” to the skin and the best part is you are not sacrificing function and performance to be environmentally friendly. Nvey Eco provides a full and competent range of products, including: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipstick, Glosses, Blush, Bronzer, Powders and also Creme and Fluid Foundations and Concealer which few “organic” companies offer.

Nvey Eco bridges the gap between “organics” and “fashion”. With colours and product available that would not normally be associated with a natural makeup brand, consumers are able to adapt the “green” way of life into their makeup, without losing their personal style. My standout products are Eyeshadow Palette no 3 ($76), Eyeshadow Duo no 2 in Earthly Desire ($50), Lip Lustre in Lolita ($30) and of course the Nourishing Bronzer in Oasis ($50). I also recommend trying the Erase Concealer ($30), a fantastic product that covers flaws whilst nourishing skin. For a summer’s day makeup I recommend a good SPF and a little concealer under the eyes to brighten the face. Powder using Nvey Eco Mattifying Compact Powder ($50), Nourishing Bronzer on the cheeks, Nvey Eco Mascara ($30) and swipe of Advanced Lip Care Colour ($30), which contains Vitamin E and Shea Butter to hydrate. A flawless appearance whilst mastering that “no makeup” look.

N vey Eco is a beauty brand that is going from strength to strength; bringing organics in line with other major makeup brands and proving you do not have to sacrifice quality to “go green.”

About The Author

Georgia Walsh

Georgia Walsh is a Melbourne based make-up artist, who is passionate about making women look and feel gorgeous through good practices of skincare and of course the art of makeup application. Georgia specialises in photographic, film and beauty makeup and her training and experience enables her to create a flawless look time after time. www.georgiawalshmakeup.com

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