Each month I will be providing an exclusive Beauty Tutorial for Couturing readers. I didn’t have to think long before deciding on my first lesson! If you are anything like me and you find yourself lying awake at night thinking about Kim Kardashian’s Grammy’s makeup STILL, after all this time, then you need to read this makeup how to and put an end to all this obsessiveness.


Love her or leave her, it doesn’t matter. There is no denying that at the 2015 Grammy’s, Kim Kardashian was on point. The gold dress, the new hair cut and most of all, the makeup was a hit. Her look was rock and roll enough for a music awards ceremony, yet modern and fresh enough for an industry event with the world watching. I’m just going to go ahead and say it.  She may be renowned for thick foundation and heavy contouring, but heaviness aside, Kim’s recent “less is more” approach to colour and eye makeup is phenomenal. The taupe and sandy brown shades, liner-less eyes and that thick darkened brow is winning for me and I think we all know we have Kanye to thank for that. Even if it will cause eyes to roll simultaneously for those that aren’t fans, there is no doubt that the new Kim K is hitting the spot in the world of beauty.


For those who, like me, want to recreate her look for the next time you are attending an extremely dressy/high-profile music awards ceremony, or just hanging out in your kitchen, here’s how:

(you may want to keep foundation light and contouring to a minimum, but personal preference aside, this look is wearable for almost anyone).

1. Apply your base


You may want to keep foundation light and contouring to a minimum, but personal preference aside, this look is wearable for almost everyone.

I would opt for a medium to full coverage foundation to create a really even, well covered base to support the rest of your look. Mecca has just released a new formula foundation by NARS called the All Day Luminous Weightless
Foundation ($64). This incredibly lightweight formula is full coverage and incredibly light on the skin. The finish is natural, and best part will last you from the start of the ceremony all the way through to the after party. Use sparingly, with one pump and apply with fingers.

2. Conceal and highlight.

Using your concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your foundation, conceal in a ‘V’ shape under the eye and extend up the cheekbone to create highlight. Blend with your finger or a beauty blender sponge. Try NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($35) for this specific area. If you have any blemishes, find a NARS Stick Concealer ($32) shade that perfectly matches your foundation and apply to blemishes as needed.

3. Next you need to set your foundation with a setting powder

Try one with a slight radiance. Such as NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder ($46). Pay particular attention to under the eyes. For those who don’t like too much radiance to the skin, try the new NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder ($48).

4. Next is the famous contour!

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.40.22 pm

Kim’s makeup artist has used a caramel colour for contouring cheeks. Try using a deep bronzer you have at home and blend colour under cheekbones and in hairline, paying attention to the temples and the sides of your forehead. Otherwise try using the NARS Contour Blush Duo ($56) which is a great product to make contouring easy.

5. Blush

Kim is also wearing a lovely soft raspberry pink blush along the ridge of her cheekbone and blended up into the hairline with the contour. This adds extra warmth and dimension to her face and is extremely flattering. If this is a bit much for your night out, skip the step and make sure that blush is kept to the cheek. Blend the contour and the blush well so there are no visible edges to the colour.

Just when you think you’ve blended enough, blend some more but be careful not to spread colour where you don’t want it. Find a shade that suits you. NARS Torrid and Deep Throat ($39) are perfect colours and shades that suit most.


6. For a bit of extra glam

Grab a highlighter run it along the top of the cheekbone and the brow which will amp up your look. We love NARS Highlighting Blush in Satellite of Love ($39).

7. It’s all in the eye

Kim is wearing a shimmery gold all over the lid and above the crease. The gold is blended out towards the temple. In the outer corner of the crease use a darker shadow in deep bronze or brown and blend, keeping to the crease only. This will add darkness to the outer corner and give a beautiful almond eye shape. The gold shadow is swiped quite thickly under the eye and blended out and up to near the edge of the eyebrow.

If Kim is wearing eyeliner it is a thin pencil along the upper lash line. Finish with a gorgeous pair of false lashes, mascara and a bit of pencil to the brow. To make choosing a shadow easy, try NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Kalahari ($46), then you have your two shades in one product.


8. The perfect nude pout

Kim’s lip is a classic Kim nude, however with this look you can choose any nude shade that compliments your skin tone. Try one of the amazing new NARS Audacious Lipsticks in Barbara or maybe Brigitte ($44). However this look could also be killer with a bold red, so have fun and play around!

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Georgia Walsh is a Melbourne based make-up artist, who is passionate about making women look and feel gorgeous through good practices of skincare and of course the art of makeup application. Georgia specialises in photographic, film and beauty makeup and her training and experience enables her to create a flawless look time after time. www.georgiawalshmakeup.com

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