The Zimmerman NYFW show  is always a very proud moment for us Australians. Showing for the fourth time at NYFW, the mega star designer sisters, Nicky and Simone Zimmerman, have done an extraordinary job at taking Zimmerman to the international style scene. And this year they only amped up their fabulous and seamless take on fashion.

For this Fall 2015 season, Zimmerman harks back to the 1960’s and 70’s where being fashion forward and individual was on the rise. A strong palette colour was the first collection point that reflected the eras. Aqua, teal, mulberry, mustard, deep orange and purple, tan, cream and fuchsia created an upbeat and eye candy show! Colours were also almost reflective of the Australian landscape. Deep and rich, the tones are very earthy and outback royalty.

Shapes and fabrics harked back to the 60’s and 70’s were women began to experiment with new and less lady like ways of dressing. Wide leg pants, billowing wide arm sleeves, mini dresses, cocoon coats, floor sweeping coats, man style suiting and classic 70s style wide brimmed hats all made for a dramatic runway.

Also adding to the collection’s strong theme and direction were fabrics including lace, chiffon, suede, fringing and satin. The chiffon and lace created very girly looks and the suede, fringing and satin more strong womanly looks.

What is most beautiful about this Zimmerman collection is that owning a piece or full look will create a fun sense of dress up. Wear a full look and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to a go getting era or simply add touches of 60s or 70s colours to a more modern outfit.

With such a clear collection story, Zimmerman is one Aussie brand that’s staying very much put in the NYC fashion field.

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Although sounding cliché, fashion is Jayme’s passion. It is her means of expression and wonderment and is often swept up in thinking she is Carrie Bradshaw writing on her style musings and ideas. Jayme’s dream is to write for the fashion bible, Vogue and she is currently an Editorial Intern at Melbourne’s premier free magazine, Fashion Journal. She has interned at fashion and lifestylePR company, Spice and Soul, volunteered at Melbourne’s fashion weeks and done work experience at Cleo, Shop Til’ You Drop and Dolly.

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