Melbourne designer Daniella Germain  has a distinctively charming illustrative style that she has applied to books, stamps and artistic projects she has worked on. It was only natural that her latest venture, her wedding, would be personalised with the same loving detail she pours into her work.

“Apart from wanting our wedding to reflect our aesthetic and style as a couple, we wanted our guests to feel like we had created a unique experience for them with a lot of attention to detail,” says Daniella.

Daniella’s blog, An Illustrated Wedding, documented everything from receiving the ring to tasting the menu.

The term a ‘fairy tale wedding’ often circulates wedding rhetoric. Instead of reliving the classic, Daniella took pen to paper to compile her blog that reads like a unique story book of her and her husband’s individual wedding experience. Her guests and blog followers were involved in the process through an interactive dialogue that spanned from the  Rue Cler Market canapés, to her desire for vintage crockery, to the instructions on how to craft bouquets of paper flowers.

Her friends and sister received hand painted requests to be her maid of honour and bridesmaids. Planning a wedding in the 21st Century makes it incredibly tempting to invite the wedding party through text, over the phone or quickly over a coffee. Pouring a celebration of your love into one day can also mean a lot of small elements becoming disposable the next morning.

Daniella designed her invitations and wedding package to be more like artwork which gave her guests “a reason to hang onto our wedding invitations and wedding favours to remember the day…and what better way to do that than to create something unique, personal and pretty!”

The Paper Pinwheel is Daniella’s offering to other brides-to-be, who would like to weave romance, botany and local Australian talent through their own wedding. Daniella hand-makes invites, menus, name cards and full wedding suites with custom lettering and design unique to every couple.

Paper bouquet anyone?


If you love her designs, visit The Paper Pinwheel for more information on having a uniquely illustrated Wedding package,


Daniella’s Etsy store One Black Sheep is also filled with beautiful prints and trinkets,

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