The glisten of a gemstone can send thrills to the heart, and a flash of silver on the neck or wrist is akin to moonlight on rippling water; luminous yet brilliant and timelessly beautiful.

Georgini offers timeless designer jewellery pieces, including bridal-specific pieces, adding the finishing touch to every outfit, even that of the blushing bride.


Couturing spoke with Georgini’s Marissa to discover more about the vision behind the label.

Couturing: The Georgini aesthetic is modeled on modern elegance and fashion-forward design. From where is the design inspiration drawn?

Marissa: Our designs are drawn from a vast well of inspiration, from art to nature and global fashion trends and taking into account consumer wants and needs.

There are many facets to the design process, but overall Georgini strives to satisfy a wide customer base by providing variety in our jewellery ranges. This includes contemporary, timeless pieces, as well as trend driven jewels that appeal to our more fashion conscious customers.

C: Every bride wants to look exquisite on her wedding day. Is the perfect piece of wedding jewellery an important aspect of the bridal ensemble? Why?

M: Wedding jewellery is a very important aspect, it is that special piece which completes the bride’s final look. Many wedding gowns are strapless, or have plunging necklines, so a necklace or pendant might be that little detail needed to complement the wedding gown.

Also, many brides will wear their hair up, so a pair of sophisticated earrings may just be that little something extra to enhance the beauty of the bride’s hair and make-up.

C: What is it about Georgini jewellery which stands out and makes the label so highly covetable?

M: Georgini provides the consumer with “affordable luxury”; high quality, gem-set, precious jewellery that is affordable and durable. The collections include both modern and elegant designs as well as on- trend jewellery creations.

C: What trends are you currently seeing in the industry, particularly in bridal accessories and jewellery?

M: We are seeing a combination of styles this season: delicate bracelets and necklaces, for a bohemian glamorous look that will be all about layering, as well as a contrasting style featuring larger multi-stone statement pieces.

A bride’s accessories will always depend on the individual and their choice of wedding gown, but the more adventurous brides will be looking this season at statement pieces such as neck collars, oversized earrings and cuffs.

C: As well as silver and cubic zirconia, you’ve expanded the Soleil collection this season to include gold and rose-gold pieces. What else can you tell us about the inspiration for Soleil?

M: The Soleil Spring/Summer collection is a celebration of the sun and was inspired by cultures that worship its life giving energy and all the magical aspects that the sun and summer brings to our lives.

We felt that this collection was the perfect time to introduce gold and rose gold into Georgini’s jewellery lines and it will feature again in future ranges.

C: Featuring trend-based pieces for the “fashion forward woman”, as well as more classic styles, how does Georgini cater to women of all ages?

M:  The “fashion forward woman” will always leave the house with some type of jewellery on, she is conscious of looking her best and feels empowered by her femininity.

Yet there is also a purity in simplicity. Timeless designs are quieter, more streamlined and abstract, less literal or figurative.

Marissa of Georgini

Marissa of Georgini

Whether you are a fierce fashionista bride-to-be or a classic sweetheart with a penchant for tradition, there really is something for everyone at Georgini.

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