Activated Probiotics has launched a range of condition-specific probiotic products based on the latest scientific research on the gut microbiome and its interplay with human health. Activated Probiotics is on a journey to educate Australians on the many benefits of probiotics. After successfully bringing Activated Nutrients to the market taking inspiration from naturopathic medicine by Dr. Kate Scott, founder Blair Norfolk turned his focus to gut health, where his passion lies and where he believes the most compelling research is being completed. Proudly Australian owned and headquartered in Melbourne, Activated Probiotics is committed to becoming a leader in education on the gut microbiome, talking to Australians about ways they can prevent a number of serious diseases through tools including probiotic supplementation.

Activated Probiotics’ products are all ‘precision probiotics’, which are clinically proven and targeted to prevent, treat and manage specific health concerns
outside of general gut health. Activated Probiotics are unlike anything else on the market; each strain has been chosen for its specific properties including
reducing inflammation, increasing nutrient absorption or modulating the immune system. Over the last two years Blair has travelled the world, meeting with leading researchers, microbiologists, and gut health experts to create a unique range of probiotic products for specific health conditions. Blair met with the smartest minds in gut microbiome research and became convinced that this is the next frontier of medicine. You can try this to learn and understand the way these probiotics works with your body. After multiple research studies were conducted with Activated Probiotics’ research and development partners, Blair and his team selected products based on specific health concerns including bone health, respiratory health, mental health and iron absorption. These are key concerns Blair and his team aim to address.

To celebrate the launch of Activated Probiotics, an intimate group of high profile media and special guests were invited to Byron Bay for the inaugural Activated Probiotics Balanced Lifestyle Retreat. Hosted at The Bower Boutique Hotel, the retreat was designed to allow guests to escape the city lifestyle and relax in Byron Bay.

The goal now for Activated Probiotics is to improve the quality of life of Australians and improve patient outcomes through safe and effective natural products. Activated Probiotics’ unique approach to research and development has resulted in a world first product range, clinically proven to significantly benefit many aspects of health, including mood, bone health and iron absorption.


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