Pulling together a cohesive and stylish ensemble before work, school or play each day can be a monumental effort given the time-limitations of your average morning.

Innovative products like wet-to-dry hair straighteners, exfoliating cleansers and shoe horns help to make those morning tasks (when your brain is still foggy) that little swifter and easier to perform.

But the latest innovation in functional fashion may have taken the (Dove beauty) bar to a whole new level of practical impracticality.

Moisturising jeans… Because jeans are not already enough of a multi-purpose wardrobe item.

Wrangler have roped Liz Jagger into promoting their Denim Spa range of three skinny leg jeans which are apparently infused with moisturising properties to combat the erstwhile effects of that durable fabric.

The general reaction has been bewilderment; with commentary including  “But… why?” and “I hate it when I put my jeans on and then my legs get really dry…. (said no one ever).”

But according to Wrangler, their latest range of denim, which incorporates skincare ingredients, is designed to protect the legs from the previously unrecognized dehydrating effects of denim.

The choice between Aloe Vera, Olive Extract or Smooth Legs is a difficult one, with each pant offering its own level of hydration. The Smooth Legs option is most intriguing, with the added claim of helping to reduce cellulite. With a special formula which includes caffeine and algae extracts, the concept seems to be the holy grail of fashion and beauty products united in one trendy denim product.

The production process involves heat binding to fuse the denim fibres with microcapsules of moisturizing agents including rosehip oil, shea butter and retinol.

Of course, jeans need to be washed, and the moisturizing properties of these jeans will only last for 15 days, then a “reload” is required, a spray which can be purchased separately and will last for significantly longer.

The gimmick element of these denim duds is not lost on the general public, but Wrangler appear to have put in the appropriate research “legwork”.

Vogue reports that clinical testing undertaken by Institut Adriant “found that 69 per cent of participants noticed the beneficial effects of Smooth Legs after wearing them full-time for four weeks (eight hours a day, five days a week)”.

Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them, seems to be the advice; and we all do love a good time saving mechanism. The extra three minutes you might have spent in the morning moisturising your legs by hand (heaven forbid!) can now be employed doing something practical like tidying your brows or writing a haiku…

The Denim Spa range will be released in full on Asos.com on 28 January 2013, and will retail for approximately $130.

If you absolutely cannot wait, the Wrangler Olive Extract jean is available on Asos at this very minute.

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