This winter, take on a hibernation of sorts – one which involves a lot of TLC for your body, skin and hair during the dark days of wind and rain. Winter time should mean exfoliation and massage for good blood circulation, hot stones and saunas for detoxification, and lots of hydration via wraps and masks.

Here are Couturing’s top 5 spa treatments that will keep you in mint condition til the warmer days return.


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Hot stone Lomi Lomi massage at Sakura Lounge

A combination of Lomi Lomi and Hot stone massage uses smoothe granite hot stones, breath and movement to release and free you from anything blocking the flow of your physical, emotional, spiritual or mental health. The heat from the stones warms and relaxes the muscles, which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure, and improve circulation whilst calming the nervous system. This is followed by a combination of healthy medication from, massage oils, hands, elbows and forearms for  deep Lomi Lomi movements that mimic the ebb and flow of the ocean. Starting from $75.

Hydrating Cocoon at Aqua Beauty Bar

Your body is gently exfoliated with aromatic sea salts and smoothed in a warm hydrating gel mask. This cocoon will gently send out soft vapors of steam and jets of water to relax and soothe you, opens pores and helps penetrate the product further into the skin, giving a sense of rejuvenation. $120.00

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Infrared sauna  at Brunswick Holistic Health

The Far Infrared Sauna provides a deep penetrating heat that:

  • Flushes out sweat and toxins through your body’s largest organ – your skin
  • Increases circulation, metabolism and  physical fitness
  • Boosts immunity, increases white blood cell count
  • Rejuvenates the skin, reducing acne,  cellulite and fine lines
  • Relieves pain, decreases inflammation
  • Burns fat and calories

Starts at $40 / half hour session

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Lymphatic Drainage at Melbourne Natural Wellness

The Lymphatic System has a vitally important role in health maintenance. Made up of nodes and vessels, the vessels transport products such as toxins, bacteria, dead cells, excess proteins, hormones and immunocompetent cells in the lymph fluid. The healthy functioning of the lymphatic system can be hindered, or stopped, due to factors such as stress, chemical overload, age, lack of activity or food additives.

Manual Lymphatic Therapy uses techniques which naturally stimulate the functioning of the lymphatic system. Hand manoeuvres that are gentle, specific and non-invasive are used in the therapy.

Lymphatic drainage helps to maintain a healthy immune system by detoxifying and cleansing major organs, reducing various soft tissue swelling and giving relief to chronic disorders such as fatigue or digestive issues. It will also help to keep the winter nasties away, by reducing the symptoms of headaches, colds and sinus, and muscle pain.

For the beauty boffins, this means alleviation in skin conditions, bloating, puffy eyes, fingers and feet, resulting in a more radiant you for the winter!

Pricing varies. Call 9662 1311 for more info.

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Antioxidant Body Polish at Conrad Mace

Wash away dead skin cells to reveal velvet soft, glowing skin with this exquisite body polish. The thorough, all-over treatment completely hydrates skin with antioxidants, leaving you feeling regenerated and deliciously brand-new.

For pricing, call 9827 8685


Mister Fox Back & Body Treatments  at MISS FOX Melbourne

The back is an area that we often neglect, as we can’t see it easily. The area can become congested or dry, and lets not forget stressed. After cleansing, this treatment begins with treatment to open and cleanse the pores followed by an all natural and invigorating basil and mint back exfoliation. A tailor made Shiffa back massage will follow to soothe aching muscles and nourish the skin.
Starts from $150 for 45 minutes.


Men’s Executive Facial Facial Attraction

Designed exclusively for men, this treatment targets concerns associated with male skin. It aims to reduce the look of fatigue by revitalising the face and eye area, improving skin texture and tone, and calming any inflammation associated with shaving. The treatment combines microdermabrasion, LED therapy and potent active ingredients.

Price varies. Call 1300 735 234 for more information


Vichy Rain Shower at Men’s Body Works

Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia, the Vichy Rain Shower is a unique water therapy experience. It combines the theraputic benefits of massage and water.

You lay on a specially padded treatment bed while a horizontal bar that consists of shower heads, each set at a 90-degree angle – drench your body with warm water.

There are seven individual shower heads and each one is able to be manouvered to targeted specific areas of the body.

Water pressure can also be made stronger or lighter to suit the different needs of each body part.

The water literally cleans the body of fatigue and stress and to compliment the treatment and ensure the ultimate state of relaxation, your therapist will apply further pressure with a full body massage.

To further enhance the experience, a body scrub is applied to remove dead skin and surface build up, leaving your skin glowing and squeaky clean.

$70 for 45 minutes.

Body Polish Elixir at Skintrition

A versatile combination of sea salt scrub is a delight on its own or combined with other body treatments. Imagine having the warmth of the steam relax you as we luxuriously rid your body of dead skin, and the beautiful aromatic oils soothe the senses and revitalise the skin leaving it satin smooth. Aromatic oil is lusciously applied over the body as the warmth of the steam infuses all its richness on to the skin, leaving it silky smooth. A soothing scalp massage completes this experience. Ideal prior to any massage or after a long day.

Starts at $95

Mineral Boost Wrap at Skintrition

Intensive remineralizing and exfoliation. Natural sea salts and marine mud extracted from the Dead Sea, renowned for its healing properties, simultaneously eliminate dead skin cells, refine skin texture and invigorate the entire body. Your body is smoothed with warm mud, sprinkled with salt crystals and cocooned in steam. Reflex activity of the feet and scalp massage free the mind and realign the body before a rhythmic massage over your wrap polishes the skin. $115

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