Although technically, it’s still autumn, a clear indication from the outbreak of furs and leather in the bustling streets of Melbourne tells us that winter is already amongst us. Whilst the bittersweet cold is shielded by fashionable layers of fabric and textures, we must remember to keep warm from head to toe, whilst looking effortlessly chic and avoiding ‘bag-lady’ type outfits at all costs.

Winter is an exciting time to accessorise stylishly, as well as practically. From beanies to gloves, boots to leg warmers to scarves, the cold is fun, warming and certainly charming. Here are our top 5 picks for accessories this season.

1. Leather ‘Leg Warmers’

A fierce and practical way to keep your legs warm, leather leg warmers are the perfect winter accessory this season. We’ve seen thigh high boots before, but this definitely gives us a fresh and fun perspective on staying warm.



CHANEL Fall/Winter 2013

2. The Beanie

Oh yeah, we are bringing back the 90’s indeed with this one. The fold over, skater-boy logo beanies are by far the best thing to happen to 2013 winter trends so far. We are in love.




3. Chunky Scarves 

It’s all about wrapping it around your neck as many times as possible, as naturally as possible. Experimenting with textures, as well as layering them is also a fun and warm way to thicken up some flimsier scarves. Wrapping a thinner scarf around your head is also perfectly acceptable.



4. Leather Gloves

As previously mentioned, leather is a great way to keep warm. Your hands, as much as they love the fresh air, need some TLC too so it’s time to treat them. Leather gloves are a great way to look uber-chic and practical at the same time, and they come in so many shapes and styles!



5. Ear Muffs

We think that this winter everyone should give this one a go seeing as the 90’s are back and really, everything goes. Plus, those winter winds can be unkind to your sensitive ears sometimes. Problem solved!


You are now officially prepared.

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