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Regularly maintaining your brows is an absolute must. It’s amazing the difference perfect brows can make, widening your eyes and just lending a more polished femininity. I raved on about brow grooming in this profile of BROW THEORY, where I continue to have my brows threaded because the girls there are just so damn good at it.

I won’t lie: getting my brows done is one of my favourite activities partly because I feel that much more attractive after. A seductive eyebrow raise just would not be the same with an unruly caterpillar.

Depending on how quickly your brows grow, you’ll normally find that you need to pluck random unwelcome hairs between appointments. Take care not to over-pluck! You can, of course, maintain your brows at home, but in my opinion, because they are so important, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

If you’re lucky enough to have full brows, maintenance may be all you need to do to… If not, carry on to the next step:


Filling in
As the hair may not grow consistently through each brow, you usually will need to fill in your brows a little to make them look even. A defined brow also really helps to balance the face if you are wearing a full face of makeup (particularly with a bold lippy).

I generally favour powders over pencils to fill in my brows, because they look more natural. My go-to product is Illamasqua Eye Brow cake (which can be mixed with their Sealing Gel if you do like the drawn-on look), which I apply with an angled eyeliner brush. Matte eyeshadows are also a great tool.

If you visualise a straight line that hits the nostril, outer corner of the eye and continues upwards, the end tail of your brow should hit this line too. You can hold a brush against your face if you can’t imagine the line.


Seal ’em into place
My brows usually end up all over the place during the day, so setting them is a must. MAC Brow Set is a miracle product but hairspray spritzed through a spoolie brush will do just as well.

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