The perennial question I always face is, can I get something quick that tastes good and is healthy? Until recently the answer to that question was always “uh, maybe” Now I’ve discovered Saucery, a new Melbourne based healthy “fast food” brand with offerings that are easy, quick and healthy.

What is it?

Saucery provides a unique offering in that you can order online and have it delivered when you want it via your normal delivery providers like Uber, Deliveroo, Menulog and DoorDash. Or  you can head on into the store to purchase some ready made meals to have at your own leisure. Or you can have a regular delivery set up to ensure you have a ready flow of meals.

The premise of Saucery is that their meals are healthy in a number of respects. The first is that they’re sugar free. No cane sugar, agave, honey and maple. They’re also gluten, dairy and vegetable oil free, cooking with olive oil or coconut oil. They also pride themselves on making everything from scratch and using the best quality ingredients including mostly organic, to build nutritious and healthy meals. Every component is thoughtfully chosen with a healthy diet at the forefront of their thinking.

There is a plethora of meals to select from including healthy burgers, curries, bolognaise, soups and sweet treats. Some you can pick up or get delivered frozen so you can take out of the freezer at any time for a nice and healthy meal.

Is it any good?

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, how can that taste any good? Well I am not sure how they do it, it’s actually been really good. Admittedly, I was a bit sceptical because I am such a foodie but I was pleasantly surprised about the taste and the quality of the ingredients.

The Chicken Pad Thai was flavoursome and packed with fresh vegetables. Whilst this was something I heated up in the microwave, the meal was delicious and the texture held up with the microwave.

My second meal was frozen and I had it a week later which was Beef stroganoff. Similar to my first meal, I was surprised at the amount of flavour they packed into the meal. Texturally it wasn’t compromised with the freezing process and was a lovely meal at the end of a long day.

If you’re looking to try something new to mix up your meals, then give Saucery a go. Definitely a healthier option than many of the other options out there and your body will thank you for it!

Visit for the menu and delivery options.

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