Jayson Brunsdon’s MBFWA presentation was an exercise in opposites. Mixing hard and soft – structured jackets over floaty gowns, lace overlay pants, rich warm tones and metallic prints (and not just for the ladies!) reigned supreme over the romantically themed runway.

The colour palate was kept neutral…at least until a standout fuchsia leopard print began to appear. Metallic floral prints and full, rich colour was artfully woven in with soft pinks and creams – creating a fun loud/soft dynamic to the looks.

For the men,e the biggest trends are statement blazers and leisure suiting, for the ladies? 50s silhouettes – both full skirts and blouse sets and sexy wiggle skirts for those who walk a little more in the sexy side.

Reflecting the fresh red roses on the runway, rose prints (both embellished and literal -and a rainstorm of petals that closed the show) were peppered through the collection – adding a romantic aspect to the looks, and who doesn’t want a little more love in their life?

Images courtesy of Vienna Marie


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