With Melbourne Spring Fashion Week coming to a close, Couturing has exclusive backstage access to beauty looks that were sent down the runways. With a mix of 70’s, 90’s and classic feminine glamour, here are the trends that stood out for spring.

The nineties were on full display for the Contemporary Designer showcase during MSFW. The hair, inspired by 90’s chic minimalism, complemented the effortless and ethereal designs on the runway. Featuring a sharp side part, slicked back into a long pony, this look is perfect for women on the go. To recreate the look at home remember to use Kevin Murphy’s three steps to glamorous hair: Prime, Prep and Finish.


PRIME: Prime the hair with KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY ($35.95) and dry in to create a smooth thatch texture

PREP: Make a deep side part and, using KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY ($32.95), brush into a smooth and sleek back ponytail at the nape of the neck, slightly off-center. Take a small piece of hair and wrap around to hide the hair tie.



Inspired by classic, feminine silhouettes and race wear from a bygone era, Kevin Murphy and his team of SESSION.STYLISTS created the most beautiful updo, perfect for the Spring Carnival and Racing season. Ultimate shine took centre stage with the hair prepped and primed to perfection!


PRIME: Prime damp hair with KEVIN.MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY SPRAY ($35.95) and dry in. Then take a horseshoe section on the top of the head, using half your eyebrow as the guide, and clip away. Pull the sides back tightly and create a ponytail. Backcomb the ponytail and gently brush the top layer to make it smooth. Then tuck the ends up and secure with a pin.

PREP: Prep the hair with KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY to tame flyaways. Take the top section and lay it over the top of the back section and then blend the two sections. Pin hair to match the bottom section.

FINISH: To finish, apply KEVIN.MURPHY TEXTURE.SPRAY ($34.95).


Welcoming the 70s in true fashion, the Modern Love Designer Runway saw romance of modern shapes and patterns transpired into boho chic textured hair. Kevin was inspired by ‘IT’ Girl and fashion icon Brigitte Bardot’s style and refined the look to capture the essence of 70s glamour. The look was achieved following these steps:


PRIME: Apply KEVIN.MURPHY BODY.BUILDER ($35.95) to damp hair and dry in to create volume and texture. Divide the hair into two sections securing the bottom into a ponytail at the nape of the neck.

PREP: Prep the hair with KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY ($32.95). Use a large tong through the top of the hair to create a wave and then wave the ponytail. Back comb the crown and create a centre part, drape the hair over the ear and secure with a hair bungie or bobby pins.

FINISH: Applying KEVIN.MURPHY POWDER.PUFF ($36.95) to the mid-lengths and ends to add texture and then finish with KEVIN.MURPHY SHIMMER.SHINE ($39.95).


Texture, Texture, Texture! This was all the talk at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s Resort show. Inspired by the 70’s, the hair exuded an effortless, bohemian vibe with an irregular texture for a modern twist. Easy to recreate at home, this look can take you from day to night while achieving your ultimate #hairgoals.


: Prime damp hair with a liberal amount of KEVIN.MURPHY STAYING.ALIVE ($35.95) and KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY ($35.95) and dry in. Section the hair into four.

PREP: Starting in the front section, section 1⁄2 inch sections and start by wrapping the hair around a flat iron, creating a crease in the hair, pulling one way, then alternate and create another crease by pulling the hair in the opposite direction (refer to image). Repeat this technique down the hair shaft in each section. The idea of this is to enhance the texture and create irregular shapes by either pulling up the irons towards yourself or pushing down with the irons away from yourself.

Allow to cool and apply KEVIN.MURPHY UN.DRESSED ($36.95) to create texture.


For KEVIN.MURPHY stockist details please call 1800 104 204 or visit www.kevinmurphy.com.au

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