What happens when the world’s most iconic supermodel teams up with most luxurious name in haircare? A revolution with a K.


Kate Moss and Kérestase have joined forces, with the supermodel being the lavish brand’s first official muse. Kérastase is synonymous with luxury hair care and they could not go past an equally iconic figure such as Kate. As the photos attest, her first shoot was a testament to her beautifully styled and treated locks as they framed her famous face.


The shoot saw her styled by renowned stylist and Kate’s good friend, Luigi Murenu, who captured Kérastase’s vision of thick, glossy, healthy locks, a refreshing change from Kate’s signature bed-hair look.




She will be the face of the haircare brand’s new campaign ‘Couture Styling’, which will soon be available in the upcoming months, leading the way into a new and exciting era for Kérastase.

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