Walking into the Kelvin Club, Couturing writer Darby-Perrin finds a hidden oasis for Melbourne’s modern man. Supported by Men’s online purveyor Pugnacious George and in honour of Beyond Blue, The Festival of Steve celebrated everything that is the discerning gentlemen at the Kelvin Club on Saturday May 25th.

The gents at Beggar Man Thief greeted guests with a complimentary shoeshine and a display of their wares. The South Melbourne shoe merchants stock some of the best local and international shoes for men and provide all the essentials for shoe care as well. Barbers where also at the ready to trim punters’ hair or provide styling and grooming tips and kits.

The dining area catered to all, with a syphon coffee display from 7Seeds and bar staff at the whim of your every need. Jack’s House teamed up with A Most Delicious Dinner to fill the stomachs of everyone, sourcing local and regional produce fresh to the pop-up kitchen.



The billiard room offered respite from the bustling dining area, with two grand pool tables sat in the middle of sunken level. The walls lined with memorabilia and a Deer head to boot. Gents could brush up on their game or, if you weren’t feeling so confident, kick back and watch the masters.


Covering the lower level of the Kelvin Club, a rich-wood nirvana for Melbourne’s modern man. Upstairs stood as a platform for the sartorial and bric-a-brac showcase of the festival. Melbourne purveyors Lord Coconut, Pugnacious George, Phillips Shirts, Carl Nave and Embiggens Books (too name a few) displayed their goods and were more than obliging to talk.

Phillips Shirts, one of Melbourne’s oldest tailors, displayed their latest vintage collection for the first time. Utilizing archived European and Japanese fabrics, Phillips showcased a range of button down oxfords and dress shirts sure to impress.


Lord Coconut aptly displayed their overwhelming cufflink collection under the gaze of a stately portrait. The handsome handmade jewelers sell one off pieces for men, from rings and necklaces to bracelets and cufflinks.

The auditorium had an impressive schedule running through out the day too, from styling sessions to comedian Simon Taylor with businesses and experts touting their knowledge for the good of man.


The Festival of Steve was a wonderful event that not only allowed the public to pry into the private world of the Kelvin Club but also celebrated Melbourne’s modern man. A once sorely missed engagement has now been filled by a group of likeminded and discerning gents for the men of Melbourne.

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