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Born from a desire to create timeless, elegant garments for the female figure, Foxton Lane is clothing line with a unique perspective. With the focus being predominantly on what suits the individual, rather than the current trends, the outfits are stylish enough for work, sassy enough for drinks and can be pulled of in a casual ensemble with ease. The soft, subtle glamour ensures that you will always possess elegance, grace and refinement, with the essential sprinkle of sass.

Foxton Lane’s head designer Cassie Brain is over qualified in her knowledge about what women want to wear. Having pursued a successful career as a lawyer, and now mother, Brain knows that the working woman desires a fresh, picturesque appearance whilst commanding respect in the work place. Thus, Foxton Lane has created a range to supplement each woman’s personal style, accentuating her features and ensuring an overall confidence in her appearance.

“What I have achieved with Foxton Lane is a style that allows an element of individuality but it does not push the boundaries that a corporate environment in particular requires”

All pieces are made on a limited edition basis, making each garment unique. Predominantly conservative and flattering, Foxton Lane adapts styles from yesteryear with a modern twist to mix classic looks with contemporary sass. The styles are for the sophisticated, glamorous woman who knows what she wants, and when admiring Foxton Lane’s current range it is hard to interoperate the garments any other way. Being Melbourne based, Foxton Lane contains the typical Melbournian flare of an ambitious woman in control.

The gorgeous clean cut pieces from Foxton Lane epitomize timeless elegance, taking a new perspective on corporate attire. It is structured, balanced, with the perfect mixture of colour and dimension. Foxton Lane has done a superb job in creating a variety of versatile items suitable for a range of occasions, most notably the workplace environment. Smooth, subtle and sexy, Foxton Lane presents garments suitable for any woman, especially those looking to make an impact in her career.


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