Elizabeth Arden has introduced a new skincare philosophy, Arden Active Skincare, in which their advanced portfolio of skincare products work to repair, transform and optimise to improve your skin’s overall healthy appearance.
SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster marks the emergence of a new skin boosting beauty category – a new step in the skincare routine. Used before serum and moisturiser, SUPERSTART is ultra-lightweight, fast absorbing and is clinically proven to support the surface layer of the skin,  to help boost its natural defenses and ability to renew itself.  Ultimately, the skin is encouraged to maintain optimal lipid levels, reinforcing the integrity of skin’s barrier making it more responsive to skincare. Simply apply a pearl-sized amount to the face each morning and evening prior to your favourite serum or moisturiser. It’s that easy!
Research has shown that 95% of women agreed that SUPERSTART boosts the effectiveness of their skincare products by supporting:
  • Skin’s natural collagen by up to 5x
  • Skin’s natural elastin by up to 9x
  • Skin’s natural hydration by up to 25x
Skin is the body’s largest organ, vital to its overall health and well being and when compromised, it may be unable to retain moisture and protect itself from the environmental assaults. SUPERSTART is designed with key ingredients, Probiotic Complex, Sea Fennel and Flaxseed Extracts that work to holistically help skin restore its natural barrier to a healthy looking condition. Skin is left feeling resilient, refreshed and capable of real transformation.
SUPERSTART delivers the following proven results:
  • 92% of women agreed skin looks and feels smoother
  • 86% of women saw more radiant skin
  • 83% of women said their skin felt hydrated and comforted
  • 77% of women with sensitive skin agree that using SUPERSTART makes their skin feel less sensitive.
Available 4th October, 2015.

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