Couturing headed backstage last night to capture the best beauty moments from the Myer Autumn/Winter 15 fashion launch. Hair Director Kevin Murphy and his renowned team of STYLE.MASTERS and SESSION.SALON brought back the 70’s with gorgeous waves bouncing down the runway. Read on to check out all the backstage action.

Myer (25) copy[2]“The focus for the look is natural shine and making it look effortless so the hair doesn’t appear over worked. It has a real European elegance. So it’s every girl’s dream hair,” said Murphy.

Taking us through the look was SESSION.MASTER James Nicholson explaining each step on how to recreate the look.

productsSTEP 1 – Prime damp hair with KEVIN.MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY from roots to ends. Start on the mid-lengths and ends then apply the remaining product on the roots. Use a bottle capsized amount and blast hair dry.

“To prep the hair we’ve used Anti Gravity Spray, there are ingredients like citrus oils and manuka honey that when activated by a really good blow dry you get a full on authentic shine,” said Nicholson.

STEP 2 – Prep the hair with KEVIN.MURPHY ANTI-GRAVITY SPRAY all over, then blow dry back and away from the face using a natural bristle large round brush (this will smooth the hair cuticle and create a natural shine).

STEP 3 – Section the hair from the middle part right through to the back and split in two. Using a large curling wand, take three large sections and wrap back and away in the same direction. Make sure to start at the front then drop the wand down as you move towards the back sections, repeat on the other side and allow cooling.

IMG_1501The secret to the 70’s wave originates from the angle of curl.

“Rather than doing a traditional horizontal water wave, we’ve taken it to the next step and created a beautiful vertical set with a large tong,” says Nicholson.

IMG_1455STEP 4 – Brush the hair out using a KEVIN.MURPHY SMOOTHING.BRUSH and finish with KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY over the outside layer of the hair. Brush through seconds after spraying onto hair.

KEVIN.MURPHY collaborated with Wefts On The Run for longer and thicker hair on all the models.

IMG_1458For KEVIN.MURPHY stockist details please call 1800 104 204 or visit

Images by Ghadeer El-Khub

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