The first time I saw Loon Lake live, I was under the big top tent at Falls Festival Lorne. Everyone was sweating from the heat, and the smell of warm cider took over. Their catchy indie rock ballads filled the crowd with an exhilarating vibe.  Thursday night’s performance at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne was nothing short of what I’ve come to expect from this local Melbourne five piece. As part of their ‘Good Times Tour’ the boys gave us their best garage-infused tracks true to their energetic Loon Lake style.

The surfer indie crowd of the night swayed their long sandy locks in unison with cheap ciders in hand, to each and every track. With favourites among the night being ‘Bad to Me’, ‘On Fire’ and my personal favourite ‘Cherry lips’. Loon Lake had the packed out crowd entertained with their electric performance. Completely so that they even managed explode their kick pedal whilst belting out a rock infused cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Trouble’.

Loon Lake’s current ‘Good Times Tour’ is nothing short of its name. The Melbourne boys have a way of making you want to shake your head to and fro with a big euphoric smile across your face. Their indie rock anthems are distinctively catchy and their current direction is faultless.

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