Yves Saint Laurent launches its new Fusion Ink Foundation, starting a new chapter in foundation. Yves Saint Laurent’s new scientifically advanced foundation delivers flawless coverage that lasts 24 hours, while still feeling ultra-light on the skin. Using technology first used to capture stellar dust, the honeycomb surface of lipophilic active can absorb four times its weight in sebum, contributing to skin feeling soft, comfortable with a matte texture, even after 24 hours. Combined with liquid to pigment transformation, pure pigments and ingredients chosen for their ability to control the skin’s humility and for comfort, this formula is rewriting the rules of foundation, to better fit the lifestyle of women.

Model Visual_DPFusion Ink Foundation is a ground-breaking response to a modern beauty demand; the call for comfort, a weightless, ink-like texture and long-wearing prowess. Yves Saint Laurent has transformed the cosmetic landscape with a cutting-edge, high-efficacy formula, which combines three skin-perfecting segments, vehicle, colour and actives.

Inspired by the structure of the ink that works in complete symbiosis with the skin, Fusion Ink Foundation contains a combination of oils which, upon contact with the skin, prompt the transformation from liquid to pigments in a matter of seconds. The oils swiftly evaporate, leaving behind only pigments and the actives perfectly melded with the skin.


Strengthened by Yves Saint Laurent colour cosmetic expertise, the formula is bursting with pure, milled pigments each with a micro-coating that merges effortlessly with the surface of the skin, thereby extending the colour hold of the foundation as well as ensuring that the pigments maintain their radiance as the hours tick by.


Combined, the actives are able to identify and cater to the specific needs of the skin. The actives work in unison to both mattify and hydrate simultaneously, ensuring extreme long-wear, regardless of heat, humidity, night or day. The complexion remains fresh and free from imperfections from morning to night, without compromise.

Developed exclusively by Yves Saint Laurent, this technology comprises of 2 actives to better connect the foundation with the skin:

– Lipophilic active. With a punctured surface similar to honeycomb, this technology was first used to capture stellar dust particles in outer space. For the skin, it can absorb four times its weight in sebum and remains active for longer, thereby contributing to a natural, matte skin texture.

– Hydrophilic agent. A clay-like active formed of a blend of minerals, carefully chosen for their ability to control the skin’s humidity over time.

Heralded for its hydrating capabilities, Beautyleaf ingredient is comprised of fatty acids similar to those found naturally in the epidermis, thus aiding a luminescence to the complexion while assisting the overall formula in blending effortlessly with the skin. The revolutionary and feather light texture allows for a buildable coverage without the caked-on, mask-like effect of long-wear formulas. Fusion Ink Foundation also delivers an SPF 18.

Specially crafted to deliver the optimum dosage of foundation from the tip to the skin without any surplus, the pioneering plume applicator provides an anti-drip guard to avoid the risk of waste. Fanned at the base and tapered at the tip, with a tiny puncture inside to clasp the formula to the plume on both sides.

So if you’re looking for a new foundation, head down to your nearest YSL Counter to test out Fusion Ink Foundation.

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation is available in 14 shades (RRP $85). It will be available from April12th, 2015 at MYER, David Jones, Mecca, Sephora and Adore Beauty.

For more information visit http://www.yslbeauty.com/Australia‎

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