Like some sort of budding annual event the Queen Victoria Market’s Luna 1878 Night Market is back again this year, and this time it’s personal.  Just when you thought there was absolutely no reason to go outside on a Wednesday night in August, Luna 1878 is here to tempt you out of your warm nooks with tasty treats, delicious meats and enticing beats.


Situated within the shelter of the Queen Victoria Market, Luna 1878 is the colder, less crowded version of the Summer Night Markets.  The inclement weather helps sort out the wheat from the chaff with only the most determined participants discovering Luna’s wintery secrets.


There is something for everyone’s taste buds with foods ranging from barbecued meats, through Philly cheese steak sandwiches with a scenic tour around soup served in a bread roll.  There are also sweeter options for all you sugar fiends out there with chocolate-covered, custard-filled beignets and more!


With stages at either end of the market you’ll be able to grab a mulled wine to warm yourself up as you listen to some local artists.  There is also a silent disco for all you club rats out there who prefer harsh, tasty beats over the simple accordion.


After a feed and a tune feel free to peruse the assorted shops for trinkets, garments and objets d’art.  Why not pick up a miniature cactus after you check out the vintage clothing stalls?  If you can’t make up your mind on what to buy, there are a few fortune tellers peppered around the place who can probably help you predict your next purchase (probably a miniature cactus).


So grab a jacket, scarf, some gloves and get your night-market on at Luna 1878.  The market runs from 5pm-10pm every Wednesday in August.  Can you seriously say no to mulled wine?

Luna 1878

14th, 21st, 28th August 2013


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