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In the past decade men have really started taking grooming seriously – I would love to attribute that to the rise of the metrosexual and the gift that was Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (2002). However I think we are all just becoming more aware of how important it is to look after your skin. Thanks to a lot of previously held myths by men (grooming is too hard, grooming is effeminate, there is no benefit to grooming) going the way of the dodo there have become some great revolutions in male skincare, however one thing is still rife within the industry – the common use of harmful and extremely damaging chemicals.

This little known fact has slipped by unnoticed – an estimated 75-90% of cosmetics use parabens which easily penetrate the skin and has been linked to (not proven) to cancers, rapid ageing and DNA damage. You know what, it’s just not worth it!

Outside of this make sure that you are looking at ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances when purchasing your next skin care regime because the dangers are there and are best avoided.

One mens cosmetic company that is free from all of the above is Bulldog Skincare for Men which only uses essential oils and other natural ingredients to give your face the full 360 attention it needs. Founded out of frustration at the use of man-made chemicals in skincare, Bulldog Skincare for Men have got every detail covered.

Their original face scrub has eight essential oils, pumice, coconut shell, rosehip oil and shea butter to exfoliate the skin which can be followed up with the original face wash, with these same eight essential oils and green tea to clear your skin of dirt and debris.

Looking for something post-wash? Their original moisturiser  featured ingredients such as green tea, green algae, konjac mannan and vitamin E to help rehydrate the skin. I mean – all of that sounds infinitely better than the artificial man made chemicals currently polluting the industry.

Just one of the places to get natural skincare and at a time in the industry where green really is good, make sure you start looking after your skin because the last thing you want is a ageing cream that leaves you with ten less years on your face!




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Thom Whilton is co-Founder and current Creative Director of Couturing.com. He has been published in a variety of publications for his written and styling work. Thom has been featured in Vogue.com.au, Weekend Weekly, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, M Magazine, The Vine and Everguide to name just a few. Thom was also Ambassador for the City of Melbourne (2012) has styled for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (2012) and his work has featured in Couturing and MX Magazine. He has also styled celebrities such as Delilah (Warner Music, supported Prince in tour), Nadia Coppolino and Silvana Lovin-Philoppousis.

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