Inspired by the Paris Nuit Blanche festival, White Night is by far Melbourne’s most stylish festival as it lights up the city and lets creativity run wild. On Saturday thousands will flock to the CBD from dusk ‘til dawn  to celebrate the rich art, design, fashion and food culture that makes Melbourne so wonderfully unique. Supported by the Melbourne City Council, the festival aims to celebrate the immense creativity and diversity the city has to offer by roaming its streets and enjoying the thrill of staying out all night.

Last year, the festival attracted over 300,000 guests and with the buzz surrounding the release of the full program for 2014, we’re thinking this one’s going to be even bigger. The city will be separated into different precincts each of which is bound to cater for a range of interests and engage anyone’s imagination. Each area offers a myriad of interactive events such as film screenings, installation art, multimedia projects, art demonstrations, street performances and live music events.

This year, the team at White Night have made it easy to make sure you know what’s on where, and have even created a ‘My Night’ function which allows you to tailor your own unique experience of the evening and invite your friends to join you. With a variety of food trucks standing by to nourish your grumbling stomach, comfy grass around the Yarra to rest your weary legs, and trains and trams running all night to take you home, White Night is a cultural bender worth the Sunday sleep in.

White Night Melbourne will be held on Saturday 22nd of February from 7pm until 7am. Head to their website for further information and a full program.

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