“Being challenged is not only what makes way for growth, but also keeps life interesting. It’s about moving forward, and stagnation is never an option.” – Fredrik Berselius, Aska Owner and Executive Chef

Chef Fredrik Berselius has brought his Swedish heritage, not just to the avant-garde food at his two Michelin star restaurant Aska, but also to the exquisitely designed, monochromatic, minimalist, black interior. Given that the name Aska is the Swedish word for ashes, the dark fixtures and fittings, highlighted by the moody lighting, are very appropriate.

Tucked away in the trendy suburb of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Aska has quickly become one of New York’s most popular fine dining experiences, no small feat given there are 76 Michelin star restaurants in the city (only 15 of these have been awarded the prestigious 2-stars). The service is impeccable without being sterile like at other fine dining offerings. From the minute you walk in, you feel welcomed and looked after. Each dish and drink is carefully explained so you get the opportunity to learn not only the origins of the ingredients and flavours in each course, but also a little story about what inspired the dish too.

The food and drink served at Aska by Fredrik and his team, are very personal to the chef. Many of them are inspired by flavour memories from his childhood growing up in Sweden, and cleverly combined with flavours inspired by his new home New York. Ingredients have been foraged from local surrounds, giving rise to a unique Swedish/New York style of cooking.

Serving only ten tables a night, Aska offers a procession of courses, designed not only to delight the palette, but the eye as well. You can see that every dish has been painstakingly created, presented in a way that delights the diner as it carefully placed in front of them. Dishes are not only rich and full of flavour, but every dish has a story behind it. Whether it started from a flavour, a memory or a mood, Fredrik’s food is designed to make you think.

Before Fredrik found his calling in the kitchen, he wanted to study design and architecture. Taking one look around the stunning interior, it’s easy to see why. Fredrik’s Scandinavian upbringing and dedication to perfection can be seen in the space. Every element has been carefully curated and considered, allowing the interior to not only compliment the food, but to form a harmonious environment in which to experience Aska’s fine dining offering.


47 S 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA

+1 929-337-6792

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