Australia’s hottest active wear brand, THE UPSIDE, has been leaving a major imprint in the already red-hot boom of upscale sportswear. Between celebrity endorsements, a fully involved lifestyle blog, gorgeous prints, and high quality material, no one can deny that The Upside is poised to become Australia’s hottest brand. Though there’s a lot of upsides to THE UPSIDE, it’s safe to say what really sets them apart are the prints they use on their clothing.


Whether it’s small print, highly detailed crops, their breathtakingly patterned swimwear, or their adorably matchy-match shorts, it’s hard to deny that THE UPSIDE’s allure doesn’t come from their beautiful, brightly colored prints. The prints, which run the gamut from the bohemian to the urban, always seem to flatter just about every body type. In many cases, their yoga pants can double as leggings for a beautiful streetwear ensemble.


And now, they’re adding two brand new prints to their massive collection of sports wear – Safari Palm and Dark Lily. Dark Lily is expected to be a smash hit with women who love to add a stark pop of color to a slick streetwear outfit, or just a nice addition to their sportive wardrobe. Safari Palm’s uniquely colorful print puts a new spin on tropical prints, and adds an eye-grabbing detail to an otherwise drab ensemble. What’s not to love?


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