The top 3 words when it comes to hair are texture, volume and freshness. And this is precisely what L’Oreal’s art range delivers.

Fresh dust, Texture dust and Super dust are powders that absorb moisture and soak up excess oil from your hair. Unique to the L’Oreal range is their ‘force’ meter. Ranging from 1 to 3, the force number relates to the amount of volume you can expect to get from your product. If you only want a little volume go for force number 1 but if you’re after some serious oomph go for 3!

The following are our tried & tested products that will leave you with fabulous volumised hair!

Fresh Dust: Dry Shampoo


There are plenty of dry shampoos on the market so what makes this fresh dust stand out? Quite simply, this product does what it says with some added bonuses. Unlike some other dry shampoos, it doesn’t leave you with white flaky residue after applying. It also has a clean, fresh crisp smell unlike the hairspray smell of some dry shampoo products. Fresh dust is super easy to apply too! To use, simply shake and spray the dust onto the roots of your hair. Use it in-between washes, to restyle your hair and get rid of oiliness. The product is also great for creating volume for all types of hair.

Texture Dust


Texture dust is ideal for those of you with thin hair to create some texture and added definition. To use, sprinkle the dust directly onto the lengths and ends of dry hair and work in the product. This dust is perfect for flat lifeless looking hair to give it that much needed lift. It’s lightweight and absorbs the oils in your hair delivering a messy texturised look.

Super Dust


Living up to its name, this is a wonder dust! This product gives you both volume AND texture to the roots of hair. To apply, use the same method as the texture dust sprinkling directly onto the hair. For even greater volume you should apply the dust directly to the roots, 1cm from the scalp. Then vigorously massage into the hair for va-va-voom volume!

This dust is suitable for all types of hair and can even work as a dry shampoo as it minimises oil. Bex Brent of L’Oreal loves using hair dust for up-dos because it “eats up excess oil that flattens the hair. It adds grip so yo can add texture to styles”.

With so many hair products on the market, it can be overwhelming to delve through them all! So try out L’Oreal’s hair dusts for a boost of freshness, texture and volume.

Images courtesy of Polyvore, Beauty Flash Shop and The Salon Look

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