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Searching for the perfect Winter lipstick? L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche lipsticks are the answer. Incredibly nourishing, these lipsticks are the answer to attaining comfort as well as glamour.

The Colour Riche ‘Naturals’ line are lip shades designed to suit every woman’s hair and skin colouring. The tailor made shades aim to provide your perfect colour match from nude to intense red.

The lip colours designed for blondes and fair skin colouring are delicate pinks and cool browns. Brunettes and those with olive skin are instructed to wear warm browns and plums , whilst those with dark skin should wear purple, bronze and glimmers of gold.

During winter, skin can become flaky and dry so it’s important to use makeup products with moisturising qualities. But, if you think that means you have to sacrifice rocking a beautiful lipstick you are sorely mistaken! The L’Oreal lipsticks use a combination of Omega 3 Oils and Vitamin E to ensure lips are cared for and remain smooth and healthy. The lipsticks glide onto lips easily and feel incredibly creamy.

tender rose








Rose Tendre (No. 303) is a frosty, pale pink shade intended for blondes. This lipcolour delivers a fairly sheer tint, although it can be built upon. A notable aspect is the shimmery effect it has on the lips to add some glimmer to a daytime makeup look. Rose Tendre is very pale reminiscent of sixties babydoll pink lips.

sensual rose









Sensual Rose (No. 379) is a rose pink shade intended for light brunettes. This colour is shimmery with flickers of gold showing up on the lips. The golden frostiness of the lip colour makes it an exciting lip colour to try out that is suitable for both day and nighttime wear. Sensual Rose provides more of a sheer tint to lips than a dramatic splash of colour and would suit blondes as well as brunettes.

Once again L’Oreal delivers in terms of packaging. The lipsticks are encased in a classy, sleek golden tube giving them a more upmarket feel. A real bonus is the ‘clip lock’ lid that means your lipstick is extra secure and won’t become separated from its lid.

So if you’re after an affordable lipstick that will work wonders on your pout during winter look no further than L’Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks!

Images courtesy of L’Oreal Paris and Blogspot. 

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