Flights booked, tick! Travel itinerary, sorted! Stylish wardrobe, packed! Countless adventures await as you embark on a trip to a new destination. All that’s left to organise is the perfect travel makeup bag!

These products are the essentials for any trip, particularly those involving a long flight.

travel bag


During flights, air conditioning on planes will zap the moisture out of your skin, so hydration is key! Take a good quality moisturiser in your makeup bag that you can reapply every few hours. My pick is Darphin Hydraskin Light, an all day skin hydrating cream gel that is both lightweight and long lasting. If you feel the need for a heavier moisturiser, try Hydraskin Rich Cream.

darphin hydra




For that extra hydration boost, invest in a good quality serum to wear beneath moisturiser. Just a few drops will be all you need to keep your skin incredibly hydrated and counteract the effects of air conditioning on planes. My favourite is Peter Thomas Roth Viz-1000 Intense Hydra Serum.



Makeup wipes
As scary as it may be to go au natural in public, it is a skin sin to wear makeup overnight! If you’ve got a long overnight flight take some makeup wipes in your kit to take off your foundation and let your skin breathe as you sleep.

Lip balm
To keep your lips from cracking and drying out while flying take a moisturising lip balm with you and apply constantly. I use Mecca Cosmetica Lip De-Luscious Hydrating Lip Protectant. The shea butter, vitamin E and pomegranate seed oil formula does wonders for me when my lips are looking incredibly worse for wear!

lip de luscious

The 3 musts- Mascara, blush and lipstick

The essential products every woman needs in her makeup kit at any time, have to be mascara, blush and lipstick. A flick of jet black mascara, a dusting of rosy blush and a swipe of your favourite lipstick will be all you need for your makeup look during a holiday!

mascara lipstick


Miniature empty bottles
For a short trip simply fill miniature empty bottles with shampoo and conditioner. They will meet airport regulations and leave you with more room in your bag to fit your favourite cosmetics!

Finally, to make you feel refreshed bring a bottle of your favourite perfume. Just ensure it’s 100ml or less due to airport restrictions. For an instant pick-me-up I use Chanel Coco Mademoiselle for a hit of fresh floral jasmine and rose.

coco mademoiselle


With these essentials you’ll be all set to go and look fabulous doing so!

Images courtesy of Mecca Cosmetica, Chanel and We Heart It 

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