The 2017 Rolex Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix is this weekend and it’s the perfect time to host a glamorous bash with your own with your family and friends. Chandon, has joined forces with the McLaren-Honda F1 team to encourage fans to get into the racing spirit and embrace the glamour of Formula One. To celebrate the partnership, Chandon has compiled a guide to enjoy the weekend in style, with top tips and some great cocktail recipes with an F1 spin for your party!


1.  Create a spectacle

Using your finest glassware, create a mouth-watering sparkling wine tower – with flutes full to the brim of Chandon, trickling from one glass into another. Your guests won’t be able to resist.

2. Serve a crowd-pleasing racing themed menu

Roving canapes that are mess-free and easy to eat work best to kick off, allowing guests to casually move around and chat. If there is a sit down portion of the meal, consider a menu in line with your theme for the evening. A sophisticated multi-course menu perhaps, paired with distinctive wines.

The Chandon Brut, for example, pairs well with a range of menu options, particularly seafood, while the Vintage Brut’s complex tone pairs best with a rich meat or cheese.

3. Dazzle the room

Blow your guests away from the moment they step into the room. Keep things classic, sophisticated and chic, but throw in a few ‘on-theme’ elements as little touches to show you’ve made an effort with the finer details from centrepieces to floral arrangements to a music playlist. Ignite the spark with some mood lighting as well, perhaps some candles and sparklers.

4. Dress to impress

This is where you make your statement. Don’t be afraid to go all out – as the host it’s up to you to set the tone with a sleek gown or fitted tux. Match your sparkling wine by accessorising your outfit with a few sparkles too. More is more!

5. Lastly, don’t forget to have a screen playing the race to enhance the Formula One® atmosphere, making it feel like you are mingling with the stars in the paddock.


Chandon has given us the recipes of their Top 5 Cocktails for the F1 Season

Pink & Gold Chandon Cocktail

Chandon Sparkles

Chandon Sparkles is a drink created to celebrate the partnership between Chandon and McLaren. The fusion between the orange and sparkling cinnamon results in an explosion of flavours.

Ingredients: Chandon Brut, 10ml orange syrup, Cinnamon powder

How to prepare?

Fill a chilled flute with Chandon Brut, then add the orange syrup. Use a blowtorch to burn some cinnamon powder while sprinkling on the glass.


The Spark by Fernando Alonso

Spark by Fernando is a captivating drink. Vibrating just like his Spanish origins, this drink perfectly blends the spiciness of the pepper to the outstanding grapefruit flavour.

Ingredients: 60 ml Chandon Brut, 10ml pink pepper berries syrup, 40ml grapefruit juice, 1 chilli pepper, Ice cubes to chill

How to prepare?

Chill the pink pepper syrup and the grapefruit juice in the mixing glass. Strain the mixture to a flute glass and then add Chandon Brut. Garnish with chilli pepper.


The Spark by Stoffel

Ingredients: Chandon Brut or Chandon Rosé, Raspberry – 3 units, Blackberry – 2 units, Strawberry – 1 unit, Pineapple – 2 cubes, Syrup with mint – 10 ml (or 10 ml simple syrup and add 2 mint leaves)

How to prepare?

In a cocktail shaker, muddle the fruits and the syrup. Shake with a bit of Chandon. Strain twice into a glass and fill with Chandon. Garnish with berries on top.


Chandon Cherry Blossom

Chandon Cherry Blossom, a drink created to highlight the female qualities that Chandon brings to the F1 world. Sweet and minimalist, pleases with its beauty and flavour.

Ingredients: 60ml Chandon Brut or Chandon Rose, 8ml red cherry juice, 1 dash lime juice, 1 red cherry

How to prepare?

Pour the red cherry and the lime juice Into a chilled flute glass, then fill It with the Chandon of your choice. Place one red cherry on the glass as garnishment.


Gold Chandon Cocktail

Gold is a drink created to honour our Enjoy the Spark theme. Bubbles and sparkles fuse into a mix of sensations. A perfect drink to share a great moment and celebrate life.

Ingredients: Chandon Brut or Chandon Rose, 2 dried strawberries, 1/2 teaspoon gold sugar pearls

How to prepare?

Fill the flute glass with the Chandon of your choice, gently drop the dried strawberries one by one and add the gold sugar pearls for a luxury finish.

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