If, like most warm-blooded mammals, you have been suffering through the recent icy blasts – so cold they could extinct a dinosaur – then it’s high time you warmed yourself up with a stiff drink.  However, in these arctic conditions, it’s hard to consume our usual favourite beverages such as beer, margaritas and flirtinis, therefore I suggest a new plan of attack that cuts straight to the chase: scotch.

I don’t have to tell you that Melbourne is bursting at the seams with bars, however to set you on in the right direction for Scotch-land here’s a diving off point.


Situated in an old Hawthorn bank, Baranows has managed to capture the essence of Havana with its venetian blinds, slowly spinning fans and rich leather couches.  Boasting the biggest cigar humidor in the southern hemisphere also doesn’t hurt when selecting a heart-warming scotch.  The staff at Baranows know their drinks and will be more than happy to help you select a tasty scotch for the beginners out there.  Baranows is a membership only bar but lucky for you, the basic membership is free and signing up is instant.

348 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, 3122


Finding Siglo can be a little hard.  Look for the wooden door squished between The European and City Wine Shop on Spring Street, go up a flight of stairs and you’re in the Melbourne Supper Club, keep going up the stairs and you’re at Siglo.  Being a rooftop bar you’ll have to make sure you take your scarf when sitting outside,  contemplating your scotch over the visage of Parliament House.  Siglo also keeps a stocked humidor for you cigar fans out there.

Level 2, 161 Spring Street, Melbourne, 3000

Whisky and Alement

Whisky and Alement isn’t a big bar but their ‘bar to whisky collection’ ratio is bigger than most.  Whisky and Alement isn’t just a bar though, it’s a fully fledged school of whisky.  I’m not sure what the mid years are like but I’m sure they’re delicious.  From private beginner whisky classes to public whisky tasting events, you’ll easily find a class to fill that spare after 3rd period French, all you have to do is check their calendar.


270 Russel Street, Melbourne, 3000


Decked out like a theatre where the bar is the main stage, 1806 specialises in cocktails from 1806 (the year cocktails were defined) onwards.  Luckily for you, 1806 also has a vast array of scotch or if you’re feeling adventurous, a scotch based cocktail.  My suggestion would be to order a drink from the upper shelves to watch the bar staff lift each other up like some sort of well-dressed, alcoholic acrobatic team.

169 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, 3000

Get in the spirit and have a dram.

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