Since being ‘unearthed’ by Triple J, the Paper Kites have had a whirlwind of success. Recently having toured with the likes of UK indie favourites, Bombay Bicycle Club and headlining one of Melbourne’s biggest events, Fed Square Live, everyone is anticipating their rumoured 2013 debut album.

Couturing had the opportunity to interview co-vocalist and guitarist Christina Lacy on all things music and Melbourne.

What inspires your music?
So many things! Let’s say all the best things in life…and some of the worst.

How did you come to form The Paper Kites?
Sam Bentley and I started playing and writing music together in high school and a few years after school, we were accepted to play at a music festival up in Queensland. We thought we’d better put a bit of a band together to play with us and when the set went well, we thought maybe we would keep playing together if the gigs came up…and so The Paper Kites were born. 

You toured with Bombay Bicycle Club, Battle Ships and Art of Sleeping, do you have a favourite memory on tour?
 There are always so many fun memories from touring with such great bands but a highlight would probably be sneaking up to the top level of the Tivoli in Brisbane and the five of us sitting there by ourselves watching the best view of Bombay Bicycle Club play an amazing set.


The ‘Maker of my Time’ video is a simple, yet quite a profound concept; can you tell us a little more about it?
: It was definitely always supposed to be a pretty simple clip. We kind of wanted to create this character that made people wonder where he’d been and what he was doing, what his story was. I guess the clip is us getting to witness this outburst of emotion, not knowing what caused it but just getting to watch and wonder.


You’ve played some pretty huge gigs, including Fed Square Live, do you find the crowds overwhelming at all?
Not overwhelming in a nervous way (sometimes in a nervous way), but certainly in a very surprised and grateful way. We are always just so stoked and grateful that people would come out to hear us.


How does it feel to have had such a positive response from fans not only here in Australia, but internationally too?
Again, it’s so humbling. It always surprises us when we hear of people from around the world listening to our music. We can’t wait to hopefully play in some of those places one day.


Do you think there’s a lot of support now for young Australian musicians, with the likes of Triple J Unearthed or the Internet in general? How do you think it has helped your success?
Yeah for sure. Music is more accessible than ever and I think we can definitely attribute a lot of our Australian and international support to the Internet and how easy it is now to find new artists and songs on YouTube and Facebook etc.


What do you like to do when you’re not making music?
Hanging out with our families and friends. We all love getting away to the beach or hanging out with a big group, having parties or cooking a big dinner together.


Lastly, what’s your favourite thing to do in Melbourne?
 I love finding amazing places to eat and drink in Melbourne. There is so much culture and so many hidden gems to find in the city from Vietnamese (my fave) to cocktail bars to amazing coffee in hideaway cafes.

If you want to know more about The Paper Kites, visit their website at

Or listen to their latest song, ‘A Maker of my Time’

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