Metallics graced the runways this season as designers composed their outfits in elaborate colours and precious metals. Adding a modern edge to classical designs, the striking trend emphasizes elegance with a twist. From Alexander McQueen’s striking playsuits to Ellery’s heart stopping gowns, metallics return to the stage with full force.

From runway to street, Couturing gives you a guide on how to tame the eye-piercing sheen.



The secret to pulling off the sleek, polished look is to wear fitted garments. Metallic washes appear chic and poised when tailored to the body. Fitted metallic pants were a popular choice this season, with designers such as Balmain dominating this trend with magnificent combinations of tight metallic pants and loose neutral blazers. Pants are not the only option for metallics, so if they are not your style, try a fitted blazer or even a metallic skirt.





Styling metallics can be daunting, but do not fret. Incorporate metallic items into your wardrobe by teaming them with nudes and pastels. Vivacious and fierce, metallics are a sleek blend when dressed with neutrals. This season’s extensive collection by Diesel displays this trend flawlessly, with pearly white pants and nude brown jackets balancing their metallic pieces accordingly. Striking and refined, mixing metallics with nudes accentuates the flair and glamour of the look without appearing encumbered. Try pairing a metallic pencil skirt with a cream or white shirt, or add class to a pair of nude pants with a metallic crop or blazer.

Black is also a safe option, especially when wearing silver or gold metallic shades. Nothing says rocker-chic more than a gold blazer paired with some black pants! Sheer silver and other metallic tops also look great against black.




Metallics are eye-catching pieces that will be the center of your outfit, so when accessorizing do not go overboard. You are looking to accentuate your metallic piece, not overwhelm your outfit. Look for pieces that will add polish and sophistication; a simple golden necklace is a stylish option when wearing a white blouse and metallic pants.

When dealing with a prominent metallic items, such as a fitted dress or metallic pant-suit, bare minimum is best, if there is need to accessorize at all. For inspiration look to the ensemble of Kate Moss at the recent Paris Fashion Week. All that is needed are some small, studded earrings and a black clutch – the rest is up to the dress!



The final point is not to overload your outfit with metallics. Unless you are attending an elaborate gala, or have the defiance of Lady Gaga, choose one metallic item and compose your outfit around it. A combination of metallics can look stylish in some respect, but it may also cheapen your look at times. If you are not feeling daring enough to don a dramatic green metallic pencil skirt, try a metallic purse or belt. It is possible to follow the trend without sacrificing your own personal style.



The key to wearing metallics is to balance, rather than overload, your outfit. Avoid garments that make you look foil-wrapped and opt for a fitted item that does not overwhelm your body. Mixing metallics with nudes is a safe and sophisticated way to incorporate this fierce trend into your wardrobe, but remember to keep it balanced. If you are wearing tight pants, opt for a loose top.

Metallics are a fun and timeless trend that is forever making its comebacks on the fashion stage, so give this trend a chance!

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