Ole Lynggaard is synonymous with luxurious, innovative design and with the release of their latest collection, the legacy built since 1963 lives on. We speak to Charlotte Lynggaard, daughter of founder, Ole Lynggaard, about creating evocative and eloquent jewellery, the latest collection, Forest, and mixing business with family.

The new collection is inspired by, and draws its name from the forest; what drew you to design the collection around that?

Nature is an endless source of inspiration to me and the treasures that you can find in the forest have always inspired me in my designs.  I am very lucky to have the forest as my backyard and for me it’s a place of reflection, relaxation and inspiration. The Forest collection is my ode to all the little miracles of the forest.

I love to collect beautiful leaves, acorns, cones and beautiful tiny objects that I find on my walks in the forest. They later served as inspiration to my drawings and collection. All these magical objects from the forest and my drawings became my mood board and in close collaboration with our workshop in our headquarters North of Copenhagen, I sculptured, shaped and developed the Forest collection.

Another important aspect of the collection is that it is comprised mainly of silver, not gold – what prompted the inclusion?

I wanted to create a silver concept that would be both appealing and accessible for girls in the same age as my daughters. A collection that could add a little luxury to everyday life. Even though the majority of our collections are handcrafted in gold, I very much enjoy working with sterling silver. It is a very fascinating metal as it can be transformed in many ways in order to obtain a satinized, hammered, polished or oxidized surface.

The campaign shoot continues the familial connection with the brand; is it ever difficult juggling family and business?

The fact that we work so closely together gives us a mutual understanding and respect for each other’s work. We get to share so many fantastic moments and successes together and we can support and inspire each other at all times.  Our relationship is built upon trust, even though we not always agree on everything, we always respect each other’s work and vision.

Is there a piece of the collection that you hold close to your heart, or that is your favourite?

It depends on the occasion of course, at the moment I am very fond of the two Leaf rings styled together on the same hand, the large and the small one, one on each finger – they are timeless and edgy at the same time…or the little egg pendant with the tiny bird that can either live inside the egg or dangle next to it.

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has a unique perspective for jewellery trends – what pieces of jewellery should every woman have? 

I think every woman should have a piece of jewellery that has an important meaning to her, something that makes her feel beautiful and unique – whether it is a ring or a beautiful pendant  – something with a meaning. If it has a meaning to you, it will always stand out and become a natural part of your outfit, because you will always wear it with pride and elegance.

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