Get ready to find your best Instagram lighting, because red-sole maverick Christian Louboutin wants your snaps for a uniquely curated gallery.  #LouboutinWorld will feature beautiful images created and uploaded by the French designer’s fans from today, and will be sourced from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Fans and followers from around the world can tag their images of Christian Louboutin’s shoes, bags, accessories, and nail colour with hashtag #LouboutinWorld for a chance to be featured on, enabling loyal fans and customers of the brand to make their mark in “Louboutin World,” and not simply the other way around.

Christian Louboutin himself is selecting his favorite hashtagged photos to appear front and centre on the homepage of, and says that he sees #LouboutinWorld as an opportunity to share excitement with all of his fans, celebrating their love for everything from his sculptural stilettoes or handcrafted leather goods to their Louboutin manicures, but insists this is only the beginning.

“To me, the digital world has so many surprises. It’s full of so much energy, there is so much exchange! I am happy to be part of it via this new platform on my website, where people will continue sharing their images.”

The project may be a first for Christian Louboutin, but as the brand is no stranger to beautiful imagery, and has close to 3.5 million followers on Instagram alone, it’s a natural a step to take. Fans, media, friends, and many others have already contributed millions of images tagged with the brand’s handle (@LouboutinWorld) or various hashtags, including #BeauteLouboutin and #RedSoles – gathering them all into one place was just the logical next step.

To bring #LouboutinWorld to life, Christian Louboutin has teamed up with the digital platform Olapic, who specializes in collecting, curating, and displaying visual User-Generated Content from all areas of social media and channeling them onto a brand’s preferred platform.

Alexis Mourot, COO, added:

“We are so proud of having such a great community of fans, and happy we can give them a very interesting share of voice through this unique new channel in Louboutin World.”

Here are some of the best reactions from the twittersphere.


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