Spring Racing Carnival is such a great time to bring back some old school glamour or get lady-like for a once a year occasion. We love a classic makeup look regardless of your attire, so here is a Spring Racing Makeup Tutorial for a classic race day makeup look that will suit everyone! Don’t take a gamble with your makeup (excuse the pun) and give this classic beauty look a go at home and feel fantastic at the races!


Step 1. Grab your foundation and buff into the skin with a stipple brush (like I’m using above) or a foundation brush that you have at home. You can even use your hands, however just make sure that they are clean and you have a good amount of coverage. We want makeup to last all day but not look heavy, that’s why the stipple brush is so great for getting that airbrushed effect to the skin.

Step 2. I like to add extra coverage with a sponge. It also makes sure that makeup is really pressed into the skin whilst removing residue and remove build up.  This also ensures longevity.


Step 3. I’m concealing under the eye with a slightly lighter shade. This covers any under eye flaws and also adds brightness to the area and cheek bones giving that “Kim Kardashian” highlight. Bring concealer down to a ‘V’ shape under the eyes and up along the cheek bone and blend.

Step 4. I’m using my finger and a sponge to press cream illuminator onto the apples of the cheek and cheekbones to give skin a glow. Next step is to powder all over face to set the makeup. Since you will be getting ready early in the morning, powder more than you would normally so by the time you arrive your skin will be looking great. This also helps keep makeup in place throughout the day.


Step 5. Next step is to contour. Use an angled firm brush to add matt bronzer to under the cheekbones, around the temples and hairline. You can also contour the jawline to add more definition. This adds a gorgeous glow to the skin and defines and shapes the face whilst adding colour and warmth. Next step is adding blush to the apples of the cheeks and cheekbone. Don’t shy away from the blush as it has to last all day and remember the races is all about colour! What better way to add colour to your makeup than with a gorgeous rosy colour on the cheeks. Try a blush with a subtle shimmer for extra glamour and remember the cream illuminator we added earlier will shine through during the day.


Step 6. Here I have added a nude shadow all over eye and underneath then incorporated a soft peach shade on just the lid, extending no further than the crease of the eye.


Step 7. Next is to use a soft brown in the crease line with a small blending brush. I then took the soft brown underneath the outer two thirds of the eye. If you like a heavier eye, at this point you would use a darker shade of brown and apply to the outer corners of the eye line and blend in the the outer third of the crease to create a more smokey look.

image 8

Step 8. Next we add pencil eyeliner close to the upper lash line. I set this liner with black shadow using a thin flat brush and pressing into the liner so it doesn’t melt throughout the day. I have chosen to add a few little individual lashes to the outer third of the eye before I use mascara. You may like to skip this step or perhaps you like to wear a full bar. I predict lashes will be big at the races this year, so have fun with this.


Step 9. Time for a coat of mascara. Wiggle the wand into the lashes making sure all your natural lashes are covered. This also helps your actual lashes blend into the false ones for a more authentic look.


Step 10. Time for a coat of soft pink nude lipstick and plenty of gloss.


Step 11. Make sure those brows are brushed and pencilled in to finish of your look. Here I am going in and adding a soft shimmery powder to the brow bone, above the brow and along the line of the cheekbone for some extra highlight.


The finished product is a soft, feminine and classic makeup look. Feel free to add a pop lip or a liquid eyeliner to amp up your makeup. You can also replace the peach shadow with soft brown or eggplant. I am loving this natural look for all manner of outfits. Finish it off with a great manicure and fabulous accessories!!

Georgia Walsh is Couturing Beauty’s resident make-up artist. For more information on Georgia’s portfolio of work visit www.georgiawalshmakeup.com

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