Something to take into consideration when planning your Spring Racing Carnival makeup is simplicity and ease. During the day, with all the wind, dust, excitement and champagnes, the last thing you want is heavy makeup, or makeup that needs touching up constantly. Bare in mind, it may be hot, you will be eating and drinking and you definitely will go long periods without checking your lipstick. For any large event like Spring Racing Carnivale, makeup must look fresh, light and effortless at all times. No shiny noses please.

Here are the products you want to be using.


So you have your base on and your need to lighten and brighten the under eye. One swipe of the Touch Expert pen and your under eye will be lifted and eyes will sparkle. Looks great in photos and you can throw the simple, easy to use, pen in your bag and use for a little touch up during the day. Simply press under eyes with fingers. The product sets itself, so there is no messing around with powders to set.



Now repeat after me: Simplicity. Here’s a good way to start: two in one products. I’m dying over these Giorgio Armani Eye + Brow pots. The cream formula is easily blendable and adds the softest loveliest bit of colour. Then, take the angled brush and apply to brows for a youthful fresh and modern makeup look. This cream works perfectly as a bold liner (no budging) also. Use for one purpose or all three! All I know is you must have it now!


Don’t even bother with eyeshadows. Between the By Terry Ombre Blackstar and the Giorgio Armani Eye + Brow Maestro, all you need is a swipe of colour on the eyelids and this product is perfect for doing that. All the pigments are soft and shimmery. Take a beautiful pink or champagne tone and blend onto the lid, then take a darker tone and blend in the outer corners. Add a little liner and mascara and your eye is done. Beautifully creamy and will set and last the day. Gives eyes depth and a little sparkle without being too heavy or hard to maintain during the race day. There is also a colour for every person that loves to match their makeup to their hat out there.



This Lancome mascara is the first mascara to develop the swan neck style brush. This angled brush head means that you have access to your lashes in a way you never have before. This specific design allows you to coat every lash, even the tiny ones in the outer corner that have no hope of getting in. The formula is blackest black, super volumizing and lengthening. Best part is that lashes remain supple and flexible, meaning no dry flaking and fall out onto the cheeks during the day.



Forget lipstick and lip liners that are coming off after the first sip of champagne. You don’t need the paranoia of chatting to a work colleague and wondering if your lipstick has formed a red ring around the outside of your lips, or whether that matte finish, which seemed so good in the shop, has actually left your lips looking flakey and dry.

This lip gloss is subtly shiny and has enough colour to it that you can get away without wearing a lipstick. The go on so easily that all you need is a quick run over you lips in the line for the bathroom and your done! They also come in about a trillion different colours, again, perfect for those ‘makeup matching with hat types’.

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 9.03.40 AM


Stunning for a simple black liquid liner and easy to use and exacute a perfect clean line. For those who don’t want to fuss with shadows creasing or moving during the day. A simple swipe of this on the top lash line and a generous coating of mascara, teamed with a great base and emphasis on the lip colour and there you have a simple fresh makeup look that’s little to no maintenance during the day.





Another simple product, with maximum results. This bronzing power comes in a gorgeous compact brush applicator. Two clicks and product is dispensed into the brush, which you can then use to sweep all over check and brow or wherever needs a little subtle glow. This bronzing powder slightly deposits colour, so a slow build is necessary. It also delivered a beautiful radiance to skin. Can also be gorgeous on décolletage and upper arms.



Giorgio Armani, Lancome and Shu Uemura stocks at David Jones Stores Melbourne. Eve Lom and By Terry products stocked at all Mecca Cosmetica stores Australia wide or at

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