The Melbourne lifestyle is demarcated by fine coffee and even finer clothing. That is why it was no surprise when premier Australian label, Skin and Threads teamed up with Sensory Lab to celebrate the opening of their latest store in Chadstone.

Shoppers can sip on a cup of some of Melbourne’s best coffee as they peruse the latest collection – a fine edit of casual luxury and classic pieces, while enjoying the delightfully Scandinavian architecture – the clean lines and airy fitting rooms.

Couturing grabs a cuppa with Penelope Cohen, one of the brand’s founders to discuss their latest venture.

Jade: Skin & Threads is a quintessential Melbourne brand infused with a chic, understated, almost Scandinavian-like sensibility. What inspired your original design process?

Penelope: We love elegant simplicity and the Scandinavians do it best.

Jade: Was there a particular thought or idea running through your mind when you designed this season’s collection?

Penelope: Parisian street style was really the starting point. The ability to wear uncomplicated styles in an individualized way. The Parisians have an “effortless cool” about their style.

Jade: Coffee and couture – the perfect combination. What drove the Skin & Thread x Sensory Lab collaboration?

Penelope: We really love to emphasize the lifestyle element of our brand. Our clothes slot into your lifestyle and what better way to compliment that than with a premium coffee label.

Jade: In your opinion, what is the future of ethical fashion in Australia?

Penelope: We believe that ethical fashion has now taken a shift from being more about a trend to simply becoming part of your lifestyle and a positive choice.


Jade: What is your favorite piece in this season’s collection?

Penelope: My favorite fashion piece is the twisted front pullover. My core and favorite basic is always the cashmere boyfriend sweater.

Jade: Where do you think you’ll open your next store?

Penelope: After Chadstone… Sydney! With a bit of luck we’ll be there before the end of the year…


Given the brand’s strong celebrity following (Skin & Threads boasts Sarah Jessica Parker and Miranda Kerr as fans), we have no doubt that they will.

Head over to their latest offering here:

Skin & Threads Chadstone

Shop 409-1341
Dandenong Road, Chadstone  3148
t: 03 9563 3355

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