Lately the pop-up store phenomenon has been moving from the world of fashion into food. Taking notes from designer flash sales and exclusive temporary stores and market stalls, Market Lane have set up a semi-permanent residency in Baker D Chirico’s supply cupboard to utilize unused space. The trend has been a long time coming, with the success of coffee wagons and sustainable restaurants taking short-term residency at food and wine shows in the city and large-scale music festivals.

The latest instalation to Melbourne’s chain of fleeting food hubs is Shophouse Ramen. Pat Breen and his super team have installed a pop-up ramen store with hand-made noodles residing in Collingwood’s Storm in a Teacup for only a week and a half. People have been lining up around the corner for serious lengths of time to experience Shophouse’s take on the Japanese classic while they can. With food selling out nearly every day, the venture will undoubtedly be a ten day marathon for the crew who are kneading fresh dough on the daily to make their wheat, rye and rice noodles from scratch.



The classic Pork Tonkotsu consists of a traditional broth and wheat noodles with roast pork belly and shoulder, a boiled egg, choy sum,  braised bamboo shoots, nori and spring onions. The Sunday Roast version has a poached piece of chicken breast, crispy skin and peas and corn to add texture.



Of course being positioned on the brink of fitzroy, there is a vegetarian option of chilled sesame and chilli which for a few extra dollars can have a swimmer crab added on top. Cheap beer and canned coconut, lemon drinks are on hand to ease the spice and complete the cheap asian dining experience. If you still have room, the chilled peach and gingersnap pie served with canned peaches and milk jam is also a textural delight for the tastebuds.


Shophouse will be serving up their ramen and japanese-fusion snacks until this Sunday, when Hannah Dupree returns from her holiday and Storm in a Teacup re-opens. We recommend popping in early as everyone seems to want a piece of the newest pop-up and a hefty line builds up quick.


pop-up at Storm in a Teacup
48 Smith St  Collingwood

1-10 February
Noon- 10pm daily


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