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As someone with dyed hair, it’s hard to find a product which will re-hydrate it and rejuvenate lifeless locks. Enter Hello Hair Hydrating Mask. One of the only 100% natural products on the market, Hello Hair is made from coconut, almond and argan oils, which combine together to reconstruct and strengthen damaged hair.

While many other products are made from harsh chemicals and preservatives which ending up doing more harm than good, Hello Hair is perfect for sensitive skin, working to not only treat hair, but can help manage flaky scalps and dandruff.

So what’s in Hello Hair that makes it work so well? 100% virgin coconut oil helps rehydrate dry hair, while almond oil helps add shine and strengthen hair. Argan oil is packed with anti-oxidants perfect for smoothing out damaged hair. Olive oil smoothes split ends and control dandruff and olive leaf extract, while anti-fungal and anti-bacterial by natural, is rich in protein and minerals so it repairs and hydrates your hair. Castor oil is a great source of omega-9 fatty acids which will help assist hair growth and preventing the drying of your hair.

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You can purchase Hello Hair in a 100gram pack which is easy to re-seal so can be used multiple times. Hello Hair is easy to use. I’d recommend applying the treatment to the ends of dry hair, particularly if you have an oily scalp. The longer you leave the product in your hair, the better the results, however, you only need to leave the masque in for 10 minutes to see results. The consistency of the product means you may need two washes to fully remove the product from your hair, but as the treatment is natural, it certainly doesn’t hurt having it keep working to restore your hair in-between washes! A little bit of the product goes a long way so you can get several treatments out of a 100gram sachet.

After one treatment, I already felt and saw a noticeable difference to my hair. It was not only softer and re-hydrated, it looked smoother, tangling less easily. After another few treatments, the shine was restored to my hair and it felt stronger. Hello Hair is a treatment I’ll continue to use as it has rejuvenated my hair, giving it new life.

Even if you don’t colour your hair, I would highly recommend using Hello Hair. Exposure to the elements such as sun and pollution means everyone’s hair can always use a helping hand!

You can purchase Hello Hair online here.

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