There are times when you attend events you have the chance to rub shoulders with the stars. However, every now and then you meet someone unexpected who just inspires you. I met Penny, a retired food writer, cook, mother and artist, who shared stories with me at a recent dinner at Feast of Merit for the launch of Dineamic’s new innovative range of delicious and nutritious food.

We discussed the importance of food and family, as well as the significance of cultural individuality. Penny regaled me with wonderful stories including her interview with the first Vietnamese family who opened a restaurant on Victoria Street and the difficulties with introducing a new palate to diners. With such passion for food and family, it’s no wonder that Penny turned out to be the proud mother of Amy Smith, one of the brains behind Dineamic, a company that creates fresh, healthy, low calorie meals that can be delivered straight to your home.


Dineamic Team (from right) – David Schwarz, Amy Smith and Jason Johnsn

Dineamic, is a shared vision between chefs and professional athletics working together to provide a nutritional yet delicious and convenient option of eating. Yes, we can now prepare healthy meals faster (and with less mess) than one of Jamie’s 15 minute meals.


Chicken and Mushroom risotto

One of the great dishes of the night for me was the Chicken and Mushroom risotto. I was definitely surprised that this came directly out of a plastic pouch. The flavours weren’t shy, it was full-on and punchy. However, from my extensive time of watching Masterchef – the one thing that ruins a risotto is overcooking the rice. The texture of Dineamic’s was perfect, cooked to the point where the rice was tender and creamy but still holds a slight crunch.


Feast of Merit – A YGAP project

With Feast of Merit (who were a wonderful host) provided the foundation for Dineamic to announced its partnership with YGAP (Y-Generation Against Poverty). YGAP a youth run non-for-profit organisation that focuses on social enterprises in order to assist and educate communities from around the world, who are disadvantaged by poverty to become more self-sustainable.

Co-owner's of Feast of Merit - Elena Critchley and Alby Tomassi

Co-owner’s of Feast of Merit – Elena Critchley and Alby Tomassi

Currently, through their 5 cents campaign, 5 cents from every Dineamic pouch will directly go towards helping the cause. Now, that may not sound like a lot but a little will go a long way to make a big difference.

To order or find locations for purchase, visit Dineamic online at www. dineamic.com.au

To find out more about YGAP’s 5 cents campaign www.ygap.com.au/5-cent-campaign

Feast of Merit is located at 117 Swan Street, Richmond, VIC. Phone (03) 9428 8480

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