H&M and Balmain wasn’t the only brand collaboration on Melbourne’s mind in early November 2015. If the fashionistas were lining up overnight to grab designer Oliver Rousteing’s more accessible threads once doors opened, chances are they were also savvy enough to get themselves on the list for the collaborative party from Ray-Ban and online techno collective Boiler Room with a headline appearance from none other than Melbourne legend Chet Faker and a stack of his fellow Melbourne mates on support duties. Following Chet’s massive final East Coast tour of his debut album ‘Built On Glass’, it was a chance for him to play in DJ mode and shy away from his moody mix of electronica to disco and jacking house. If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the event, you can check out the Boiler Room YouTube channel for the recap. Chances are you’ll see me dancing behind the DJ booth!

However, it wasn’t just about the music, it was about #campaignforchange; a campaign that celebrates individuality and brings to life inspirational individuals as pioneers, trailblazers and rule breakers in their everyday lives, ready to show the world how they want to make a change.

Music and fashion have a great responsibility in bringing change to the world and the Ray Ban x Boiler Room party highlighted just that. Oh, and it wasn’t too bad seeing Chet Faker in DJ mode too! Bring on the next Melbourne Boiler Room #campaignforchange

See all the photos from the event below

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